May 18, 00

I have included a few visions below which are included for the purposes of this teaching. One will notice that these would appear to be incomplete, largely in part because they DO NOT include any part of the prophetic word which accompanied them. There are also not any scriptures accompaning these either. I left them out and included just the vision part. I also included them because much of what we see and read about includes visions, and prophetic words. Oftentimes, as stated earlier, we seemingly accept EVERYTHING we read as TRUTH, even when it is in the form of a vision. My purposes again are not to discredit what is seen below, but merely to use this as an example or teaching, concerning our discernment and how visions are perhaps experienced.

"I have said that I will expose the works of the enemy. I will show many of you a way into his camp."

(The Lord showed me a scene of a feast. There was a long table, and at one end was a royal chair, and sitting on this chair was Satan himself. As I looked at his chair, I noticed that he appeared very much like what death might look like. There was a gray veil over everything in the room. He was passing around various plates of food of all sorts of things to those who were sitting around this table. There was something served, and then something else would be passed around to those sitting. I then asked the Lord what they were doing, and He said: "They are feasting on the deeds of darkness.")

I was sitting and not thinking about anything particular with my eyes closed, when the Lord showed me a locust. This locust was in mid-air flying. Its wings were in motion, and it was hideous to look at. It was of a greenish-brown with areas of gold and black in it. As I continued to watch this, it seemed to open-up in the middle, and things were being dropped to the land below. I couldn't quite distinguish what it was, and asked, "Lord what was that that was dropped below"? He then replied, 'Those are the seeds of the locust being dropped on the land."

(The Lord showed me a man in armor who was sitting on a horse. He was dressed very much like one would be during the time of the Middle Ages. He appeared to be equipped and ready. His horse also was large and appeared to be strong and ready. He had a lance and was ready for battle. As I continued to watch this, thinking that he would move into battle, he climbed down from his horse, and found a place on a ground. Here a blanket was spread out and he laid down to rest.)

(The Lord showed me a pathway which was bordered with stones on either side, and it stretched out before me. It was one which might be traveled on a mountain path. I also noticed a man who held a compass or an instrument in his hand, and this seemed to be for checking barometric pressure. I then saw an eagle which was soaring above, and as I observed this, it became dark and the eagle continued to fly, but seemingly not knowing where he was going. I saw someone who was holding a song book in his hand and the song, "Shall we gather at the river," was being sung. With this song then, the eagle turned his course around, and began flying in the other direction. )(The Lord showed me a scene in which I saw the profile of himself, like a giant King, and He was looking down upon His children. There were a few standing in front of Him, waiting for His orders. As I watched then, the Lord gathered up a bowl of water and poured it forth upon these men. As I continued to watch the water, it changed, and there seemed to be many things going on in the water. It began to boil and rise to the surface, and there appeared to be various things in the water. Then out of the water, came other figures, who were garbed in kingly and various robes. I watched these figures, and as they walked, they moved their hands and motioned and spoke.)

(Again, the Lord began to show me some things and here I saw a huge pair of hands motioning to me to come over here and sit down. He then said, "Come and sit down, for many of you have been trained in my Spirit, but it is now time, to begin training others. For school has begun and it is time to get into your seats. )

(Here as I watched in the Spirit, He showed me a person's body, and inside was a stream or river which flowed, and seemed to fill the body. Then, I saw the profile of a person's head, and watched as water was being spewed out of their mouth. It came in bursts and there were all kinds of debris and various things which came out of the mouth with this water.)

(Again, this time the Lord showed me a person's tongue and as I looked at it, it had various sores and places where the surface had become changed from the things which had "spewed-out" of the mouth. It was not a pleasant sight. As strange as it may sound, then, a wheelbarrow was taking and dropping a load of garbage which had collected down below, and was then in the mouth. This was then being dropped outside of the mouth, as to get rid of it. Lastly, I saw a bucket of water which was being raised from above, and this was being used to "wash" the mouth and so, to get rid of the filth.)

The Lord said to me: "Study to show yourself approved. In a house there are many books, and not all of them are good. "

(I saw a young man who was reaching for a book in a bookshelf, and he took one of these books out of the bookcase and looked at it. It had a very ornate cover of gold flourishing and designs, and was seemingly very beautiful. He then placed the book back on the shelf where he had found it.)

(I saw a man who had a shovel, and he was clearing the way for a pathway to walk upon. As he dug into the ground, a tree was pushed to the side. He placed his shovel into the ground and lifted up a huge rock which had blocked his path. Various things were dug and lifted out of the way so that he could walk on this pathway.)


Below is included a portion of a prophetic word which goes with the vision directly below it. Without the prophetic word, the vision is incomplete.

"Behold, there is a way that is being prepared for my servants to walk upon. It is a way that has been cut within the ground and the rock. It is a way that has been prepared for each of you. It is a way that only you can travel. This way may appear to be arduous and difficult, but it is necessary, for in it, there are many things necessary for your lives. "

(The Lord showed me a mountain which was looming in the distance, and as I looked at this mountain, I noticed a pathway which encircled around the mountain all the way to its top. There were a few people, very much like pioneers, who were traversing the mountain. As I continued to look at this scene, there were then clouds which were in front of the mountain, and I began to look below at the valley and area at the base of this mountain. At first it appeared to be beautiful and lush, but there was a figure who was dressed in jewels who was dancing. [The Lord then said: "This is the state of many of my people down below, for there is dancing and revelry."]

(The Lord showed me a horn which would be used to blow with, very much like a shofar, and it was being used to blow into a person's ear. I was looking at the outside of this ear, and then as the horn was continuing to blow, I watched and I was going inside the various layers of the ear, traveling inward, as the sound of this shofar continued to blow its message or sound. There then appeared to be some things obstructing the passageways, like small branches.)

(Then I saw a mass of small weeds and vines which were entangled within this ear, and they had thistle-like tops to them)

I saw a river which was raging, and a man was in this river. As I watched, this man was caught-up in the current, with his hand and head just above the water, traveling down the current. Then this scene changed, and I watched a single leaf which was traveling down the stream, and it flowed with the stream, and it was on top of it, through various currents, up and down waterfalls, and continued down this river. There then was seen a blossom on top of this leaf, like a water lily.

Another scene was shown to me, but this time I was looking at a cityscape with skyscrapers in the distance. A river flowed next to this city, and as I watched, the river's force tore-up a bridge and it collapsed. Then I saw cars on a highway, and they seemed to be racing, as if to leave this scene and get away from the deluge.)

(The Lord showed me a container which was laid-open on the floor, and it opened-up from either side. At first I thought that it was a casket, but it wasn't. As I looked at it, it was beautifully wrought, and was laid with jewels and gold, and it opened from two sides with a hinge on either side; so there were three sides in this container. As it laid there before me opened, it then appeared to be a bible. He told me: "My word is an ark of safety, for those who would come into it.")

(The Lord showed me an army dressed in various garb. As they were moving forward, I noticed that an entire regiment or section of them, decided that that was not the way to go. Instead of moving forward, they then, made a complete turn-around, and someone motioned for them to go this way. They in turn, then, began marching in that direction, while the first part of the army, continued to move forward. As this happened, I then noticed a bank of water, very much like what the Red Sea would have looked like when the Israelites were to cross it, while being pursued by the Egyptians. Here the banks of the water rose up on either side to allow the army to cross. However, those who had decided to march in a different direction, had not been allowed to cross. Then again, the Lord said to me, "Those that are camped at the base of the Red Sea, see their brothers and sisters on the other side. "

(Again I saw this scene, and there were various tents set-up as camps before the Red Sea, and then the Lord said: )


Below is a portion of a vision from Rick Joyner's book, "The Call, pp. 137-138:

..."Suddenly, I was standing on a high mountain overlooking a great plain. Before me, there was an army marching on a wide front. There were 12 divisions in the vanguard that stood out sharply from the great multitude of soldiers who followed behind them. These divisions were further divided into what I assumed to be regiments, battalions, companies and squads. The divisions were distinguished by their banners, and the regiments were distinguished by their different colored uniforms. Battalions, companies and squads were distinguished by such things as sashes or epaulets that each different group wore. All wore armor that was polished silver, shields that appeared to be pure gold, and weapons that were both silver and gold. The banners were huge, 30 to 40 feet long. As the soldiers marched, their armor and weapons flashed in the sun like lightening, and the flapping of the banners and the tread of their feet sounded like rolling thunder. I did not think that the earth had ever witnessed anything like this before. Then I was close enough to see their faces--male and female, old and young from every race. There was a fierce resolution on their faces, yet they did not seem tense. War was in the air, but in the ranks I could sense such a profound peace that I knew that not a single one feared the battle to which they were marching. The spiritual atmosphere that I felt when close to them was as awesome as their appearance. I looked at their uniforms. The colors were brilliant. Every soldier also wore rank insignias and medals. The generals and other higher ranking officers marched in the ranks with the others. Although it was obvious that those with higher rank were in charge, no one seemed overly sensitive to their rank. From the highest ranking officer to the lowest, they all seemed to be close friends. It was an army of what seemed to be unprecedented discipline, yet it also seemed to be just one big family. "


Joyner's visions express great detail and are witness to one who is seeing a panoramic vision. There are also several times when the Lord in the form of wisdom, or judgment, speaks to him, and these words along with the visions, give us great clarity in both word and in "sight."

I could go on and on talking about all of this, but I believe I have perhaps gone into quite enough detail and examples. In conclusion then, when one hears or reads, or experiences visions from the Lord, let them "house" them with God's foundational truths which are found in His word, and also, make certain that they are not being manufactured by their own minds and fantasies.

I welcome others to respond or correspond with me concerning these things which I have attempted to illustrate and expound upon.

Stephen Hanson