Sept. 13, 1998

"Zion is my place, my place of dwelling. In ages past, I dwelt among my people, and now in these days, I dwell with them in their spirits. Lift up ye gates and ye heavenly doors, that the King of Glory would come in. Who is this King of Glory? It is the Lord of Hosts, strong and mighty. You who come before me謔orship me, and I will give you the hidden manna; I will give you my white stone. Offer sacrifices to Me with a willing heart, for this is your spiritual worship.

On a field, there are goats and there are sheep. My sheep will graze in my meadows, and beside still waters. But the goats do not eat from my pastures. For they would satisfy their appetites with other things. And I have said that at the end I would separate the two. My sheep, eat at my table and partake of my food. Stay within the boundaries of my pasture. The thief would come to kill and destroy. But he cannot harm you, for my staff is here, and I AM your shepherd.

Come here, and graze here with Me, for my food will sustain you. Eat and be satisfied, and drink of my waters. Do not wander into other territory, for the food will not be wholesome. Remember that I spoke about the bread of life to you. Partake of that bread, and let it fill you. Then you will be filled and satisfied, and nothing in my pasture will harm you. Your tent will be safe, and the arrow which flyeth at noon, will not harm you. Zion is my everlasting place, and from my holy hill do I see all that happens. Mercy will flow from my throne, and judgment will be executed from on high."

"He has set his foundation on the holy mountain; the Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob." Ps. 87:1

"Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture. Ps. 100:3

"All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on his right and goats on his left. Matt. 25:32-33

Stephen Hanson


Sept. 9, 1998

"The trees of the field will open-up, and instead of briars and thorns, a lush garden will be seen. For my people are a planting of mine. You have come out of the desert and dry places. Many of you have been scorched by the heat. But now I will be your shelter. For the land will produce a great harvest. For streams will flow in the midst of the desert. Many of you have been obscure and hidden. You have wandered in places which have given you the necessary fruit, and has produced character in your lives.

You are my planting, and you will be raised-up in these days. Give unto those who ask of you, and pray for those who despisedly use you. There is a procession of my people coming upon the scene. As in the days of old when my people were brought forth, so now in this time, am I calling my people out. Following the same pathways will not work anymore. I am establishing a highway, a road. On this road, my people will go. On this road, you will find the weary and downtrodden. Reach out to those you find there. There were times in the past when others reached out to you.

Consider the rock from which you were hewn. Look to Sarah your mother, and Abraham your father. For they came from the bedrock, and from this rock have you also come. For the generations of your ancestors cries out. For this generation will not pass away until all these things are done. Remember that a great cloud of witnesses is surrounding you. The balance is a hand and justice awaits.

Gather jewels from the midst of my Spirit.

The Lord showed me two hands reaching down into a container, and emerald-looking stones were held in the hands. They were crystal-clear and faceted.

A miner would mine for gold and silver, but the real treasures are found with Me. For I long to give my body the treasures of my Spirit. I long to set your borders with rubies and saphires. Look for the gems in my Spirit. Then the eyes of your hearts will be enlightened, and a new day will dawn, and you will be set upon a hill, and you will be gathered from the four corners of the earth. In its time I will hasten it. And you will be called the "righteousness of my kingdom." And you will be as kings and princes unto Me. So go out, as in days of old, and establish the things of my kingdom."

Stephen Hanson


Sept. 2, 1998

"You are entering a new time and a new dimension. Look out unto the horizon, and what do you see? A cloud is settling upon the horizon. It may be barely distinquishable, but upon closer examination, you can see. For it is the sound of approaching horses. For my horses are coming, and they will be seen. Wait upon Me, for the approaching storm is coming. As they come, many will not know of their arrival.

My watchmen, stand upon the walls and warn them. The city will not stand because the stones are not fortified. Repair the walls that they might stand the siege. But you must work together with one stone upon another. As in the days of Nehemiah when the walls were repaired, so now is a time to repair them. But the mortar which has been laid between these stones is not strong; it is weak. For many of you have laid it with the traditions of man. When my horsemen come, will your walls be fortified? Will it stand the onslaught? For the one who rides first, is bent on conquest. He would dominate this world order. He is not of this world, but he is of darkness.

So again, I say, look out unto the landscape. Survery the land, and listen for the hoofbeats, for surely their sound can be heard. It is a wake-up call. Not only scope out the scenery for what is coming, but look inward at your own hearts. PREPARE...PREPARE...PREPARE...for the time is hastening. Continue looking out and surveying the land. Turn your eyes toward Me, and your gaze will be there--so look and see."

"Let us start rebuilding." So they began this good work." Nehemiah 2:18

Stephen Hanson


Aug. 29, 1998

"Remember how my servant Jonah was called to the city of Ninevah? I gave him a word to deliver unto the people. He was in fear at first, and then he went. The people put on sackcloth and ashes, and they were truly repentant. They were spared the destruction which was to come. And my servant Jonah was displeased because I held my hand back.

Behold...I am a God of compassion and mercy. When my people bow and worship Me, when they turn from their sins and are truly repentant, then I hear them. But when a people continually disregard Me, then I must carry out my plans. When they say, "peace and safety," do not believe them. In the coming years, there are strategies which will be set. Fot the enemy knows of his soon defeat. He knows that he will lose the battle. But I say, that he will try everything to thwart the cause of my saints. He is devising his schemes, and pouring all of his wickedness into this plan. It is the plan for the emergence of this great leader, and much of the world will run to see him. Remember that I have told you that even the elect could be deceived. His schemes have divided many of my people. But I tell you this, that when the battle gets really dark, and you think that you are on the losing side, remember who your King is. For just as I have been triumphant over death, so I will make you. You will be given more wisdom, you will be given more discernment into his plans, and your armor will be made stronger. For it will equip you in the midst of all these battles. Your sword will divide between truth and falsehood. Your breastplate will abound with faithfulness. Your loins will be girded for truth. Your feet will be shod with the gospel of peace. Your belt will have righteousness round about it, and your helmet will give you hope. Hold up your shields, for they will sustain the fiery darts. No tactic, nor anything of the enemy, will prosper against you. When the hour is at the darkest, and it appears that the sun has gone down forever, remember my soon return. And just as I ride upon my horse, so will you, my warriors, ride upon yours.


Stephen Hanson


Aug. 26, 1998

The Lord showed me an anvil, and a man was striking the anvil repeatedly very hard. He kept striking the anvil several times, but I didn't see any thing on the anvil. Finally an image appeared, and it was a long piece of parchment, a scroll, which was being unraveled upon it. It kept unraveling so that it was all to be seen, and then the scene faded.

"Is not my word like an anvil? For I use it to shape my words. A blacksmith would forge metal and iron. But I take my words, and I shape them for my designs. You see, a man would pull his metal out of the furnace. He would take it out with great tongs, and he would set it down. While it is hot, he can now shape it, for the fire has now made it pliable. You word comes out of the furnace, for it is born in the fire of the Holy Spirit. And I take that word, and I shape it for human hearts. I hammer it into the design that I want. Will it be a thing of mercy and tenderness? Will it speak of judgement upon a backslidden nation? Will it teach you how to live in purity? Each word that I hammer out is designed for specific purposes. Each one was crafted out of my Father's hand. It is fresh and molten. And it is born of those fires from which the entire universe was created.

Oh my prophets--take those words from off this anvil. Speak them to my people. Let the fires which forged them, also be lit in your hearts. Let it burn away complacency, let it burn away impurity, and let it burn away disbelief.

My anvil will provide the means for shaping my word. But it is up to you to take it and deliver it unto my people. Be forged in the furnace with my word, then you too will have a shape which is formed by Me."

Stephen Hanson


Aug, 22, 1998

"You are coming into a new time--the time of looking inward at yourselves. I am holding up my microscope to examine your motives, and the hidden areas buried deep within you. Many of my people are running to and fro. You are all so busy.

The Lord was showing me a picture of ants traveling in single file up a mound which circled around its perimeter. It looked a lot like what the Tower of Babel might look like.

You are all like ants carrying your burdens upon your backs. When do you rest? Such a busy people you are--consumed with the cares of this world, always in motion. I established a time of rest, and you don't use it. Even your ministries have taken-up my rest. You have many questions in your hearts. You strive with these questions. If they were questions concerning things of an eternal merit, then they would be worthy of your time. But you split hairs about spiritual gifts, and what is this called, or that? My people suffer for lack of knowledge. I give knowledge not as the world gives, but it is the knowledge of my kingdom.

When you go to school, you learn from a teacher, and this person instructs you about various things. I have set in the body those that can instruct you. And if you really want answers, LOOK TO ME. No longer let there be disputes about things. No longer let there be splitting of hairs. My way is not a complex way, but it is in the simplicity of my word.

I have schools of my Spirit which I long to instruct you in. Study my word and show yourselves approved. My people, it is time to sit down and study! You will find rest in your times with Me. You will find answers to the questions which you seek. Pull up a chair, sit down, and listen to Me. Stop your endless debates, and you will find rest for your souls."

Stephen Hanson


Aug. 21, 1998

"Relationships are very important in the body of mine. Many of you have wounds and hurts from past relationships. They have left scars on you. When you bring your gift to the altar, first be reconciled to your brother. How can you be an effective minister when these things are left undone? How can you be effective in what you do? Come unto me, and place your gift before Me--your gift of reconciliation. Forgive, and it shall be forgiven you. Not only 70 times, but 70x70. There is an unlimited amount of times.

You bite and claw at one another. There are blessings and curses which come out of your mouths. This should not be so. You pray for one another, but secretly you have your grievances. You hold on to them and nourish them. These things are like a cancer in you. They can fill-up those places which I want to inhabit. How do you expect me to forgive you when you have not forgiven your brothers or sisters?

It is time to clean house in the body of Christ. My Spirit will come and sweep through it. I will rid your houses of all the cobwebs. Those things which have stood there for many years. I want it to be neat and clean. If you want me to be there, then let me rid it from you. If you don't, and you hold on to these things, then bitterness, and cancers, and all other kinds of infirmatives will set-in.

Forgive your brother, and he will forgive you. I said to give and it shall be given you, pressed down and overflowing without measure. The same applies to forgiving. And then you will be healed, and ready to do my will."

Stephen Hanson