65 I am sought of them that asked not for me; I am found of them that sought me not: I said, Behold me, behold me, unto a nation that was not called by my name. 2 I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, which walketh in a way that was not good, after their own thoughts; 3 A people that provoketh me to anger continually to my face; that sacrificeth in gardens, and burneth incense upon altars of brick; 4 Which remain among the graves, and lodge in the monuments, which eat swine's flesh, and broth of abominable things is in their vessels; 5 Which say, Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou. These are a smoke in my nose, a fire that burneth all the day. Isaiah 65

"Who has stood in my council? Who has listened to my voice and knows me? All day long I reach out to a people, and many don't have ears to hear. From morning to evening I pour out my speech, and many don't have the time to sit and listen to me.
You play your games and listen to your favorite TV shows. And yet, if you would turn aside from these things, then I would speak to you. I tell you that dark days are ahead. Some prophesy that great days are ahead, but they are speaking from their own hearts and imaginations.

You know not of what you speak. You have followed the crowd, and you have been persuaded by the enticing words of others. For this nation that was once the home of the brave and the land of the free, has become a great divided land. You will be found in a land of turmoil and unrest. Civil war will break out within your borders. The one that comes to lead your land, will take the reins from another, and for a while she will lead this land, but a war will break out within your borders. For the great bear and China will join forces.

I ask you to buy oil from me; the kind that will allow you to see. For you will need eyes to see in the coming months. You will need my wisdom from on high. For you are entering into the very last of days upon this earth. Those things spoken of in my word will come, and I will ask if you are prepared?

Seek the living stone that will never falter. I will sustain you in the days ahead, but you must listen to me and not be persuaded by the voices of other men. "

Stephen Hanson



6 Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, and not out of the mouth of the LORD.17 They say still unto them that despise me, The LORD hath said, Ye shall have peace; and they say unto every one that walketh after the imagination of his own heart, No evil shall come upon you.
18 For who hath stood in the counsel of the LORD, and hath perceived and heard his word? who hath marked his word, and heard it? Jeremiah 23

The Lord says,

“Cyrus was a king for that time, and there is no Cyrus for this time. There is no Cyrus who would deliver the people. It is man’s way of looking to man rather than Me. For man will always disappoint you, and the strength of man’s arm is not strong enough. “

Many think that someone is called by God to deliver a nation and bring us to a place of success and security, and yet we are under judgment. Those that have prophesied these things have said them presumptuously. They are saying them from their own imagination. They are prophesying these things because their own hearts have wanted these things. But it is not blessing that is coming but judgment.

Cyrus, who was a pagan Persian king, was chosen to bring the nation of Israel back from captivity. Indeed, the king restored the Babylonian empire to a great state of splendor, but our nation is not in a position for that to happen now because of our state of sinfulness and decay. So then if there is peace and security that is prophesied parallel to what Cyrus had done, then it certainly isn’t that, but rather the opposite. The comparison to Cyrus is a false comparison in lieu of our present state.

The prophet Daniel prayed to God that those in exile would be brought back, and God heard his cry, but only after he had humbled himself in prayer. We have not done this, and repeatedly we have gone the other way instead, and so we are not released from what is coming to our land.
If anyone is prophesying peace and plenty that is coming, then they are false. It is not a time of restoration because we haven’t repented. There is no man or woman that can deliver us at this time because the pendulum of judgment has begun.

3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1 Thess. 5:3

God never takes a sinful nation that has broken so many of God’s laws, to then bring them peace and security. We have been warned again and again, and so then we think that God will bring in a financial harvest and security for us to reap? We have not sown to the spirit but to the flesh. God cannot bless what we have done, and He cannot just decide to not carry out His plan.

So, then God sends us someone that is the instrument of His judgment, and not the instrument for our blessing.

Amen, Stephen Hanson



11 Then He said, “Go out, and stand on the mountain before the LORD.” And behold, the LORDpassed by, and a great and strong wind tore into the mountains and broke the rocks in pieces before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake, but the LORDwas not in the earthquake; 12 and after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.
13 So it was, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle and went out and stood in the entrance of the cave. Suddenly a voicecame to him, and said, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” 1 Kings 19

"This is the season of the wind blowing in several different directions. For with the wind comes blessing, and with the wind comes judgment.

Nature shows the effects of the wind, and no one can see the wind. You see its effects in nature, as hurricanes and other catastrophic weather patterns. And the wind of my spirit from whence you do not know, but I bring with it a gentle breeze, and also the sound of my fury.

For in the coming two months a great wind of fury will blow across this nation. People will be caught-up in the fury of the activity of this nation's candidacy. And fights will break out in the cities, but those who are wise will listen to the gentle breeze of my still small voice.

For I did the same with my servant Elijah; for as he went to the cave, as he ran and found shelter there, he thought my voice was in the fury of the fire and the earthquake. But it wasn't. So also, those who know my voice, listen intently, and don't be swayed by the other voices that say, 'This is going to happen, or that is going to happen.' Know that IAM in control of everything, and it is I that raises up one and casts down another.

" Stephen Hanson



And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: Daniel 2:21
I was watching a newscast of the one of the political candidates, and then the Lord began stirring within me and he said,

"He's coming down, I tell you that Trump is coming down. His campaign will come down. For the spectacle will be over. The political fighting will come to an end. For it has been a smear campaign from the beginning. I tell you, my people, that you have looked for someone to lead this country, and there is no one who would lead this nation back. You have looked to man rather than me.

Many of you are deceived in thinking that I would pick someone who's character is not of me. Neither of the candidates have a character that is mine, but I bring down leaders and I raise others up. It has been so since the beginning of man's time.

But I tell you, that difficult days are ahead for you, oh land that used to be called 'The land of the free and the home of the brave.' For civil war will break out. The entire landscape will be changed. The war within your borders will be bloodier than those without.

Who is the one that would make a land great? Who is the one that would rescue the hurting and the lost? Who is the one that would bring justice back to a land? Has not your very flag stood as an ensign for the poor and the impoverished? And yet the wealth of a few outweighs the millions that live in poverty. Who is the one that would take care of the hurts of a nation? Who would take care of the widow and the fatherless?

No more, I say, 'No more of this!' You are a nation that has its eyes pinned to the television. Night and day you follow this news report or that one. And yet how many of you have spent time with me alone? Even from your pulpits you smear this person or that one. You are a nation of hypocrites!

And yet after the smoke has cleared, and another one sits in the office, life will go on as usual. And then you will know that you are living in the very last of days. "

Stephen Hanson



12 For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.

13 For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. 14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. Hebrews 5

"Are not the signs all around you? Can you not see the confusion and the turmoil? Where does one find direction with all of the turmoil and darkness all around them?

I have been speaking to many of you in this hour. I have warned some of you about the impending darkness that is about to befall this nation. I have shown you things in my Spirit and I have spoken to you about the catastrophic things that are coming. And yet some of you still think that life will be going on around you in the same way that it always has.

For you still get involved in the same political debates. You still follow this conspiracy or that one. You are like children in a playpen. You whimper and cry, and lose your temper at even the smallest of things. When will you grow up? When will you put aside these childish things?

For in the coming months you will indeed, be thrown into a whirlwind of activity. For the forecast shows an unsettling blanket of infighting and turmoil. Some prophesy that great days are ahead. And yet, are they listening to me?

It is time to put your seat belts on, for the road ahead is going to be a bumpy one. Watch and wait, for the words that you have heard from some prophets about this coming election, will fall to the ground. And you will shake your heads in disbelief, as the days unfold ahead for you. "

Stephen Hanson



4 Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. 5 Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it? 6 Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof; Job 38

8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit. John 3
"What are the things of my Spirit that one would want to know? What are the deep things? For one would want to follow after the wind, and to find out its origin. One would want to find the origin of a river. One would want to climb the highest mountain. But what of my Spirit? How would one explore it? Yea, many things in this life can be explored. Many things can be sought out. But who has known the One that was here before the beginning? Who was here when the heavens were stretched out? Who was here when the mountains were formed? Man searches high and low for these things; he studies them, and would want to gain knowledge of them. But my Spirit is not a thing that you can hold in your hand. It is not a thing that you can perceive with your eyes. But you can know Me; you can become familiar with Me. For even the wind cannot be seen. You can see the effects of it. So it is with my Spirit.

Stephen Hanson



20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. Rev. 3
"What special things do you think that I would want to say to you today? Are there new things that you would hope for? Are there new discoveries or revelations of my Spirit, that you would long to hear from ME?

I AM opening up new vistas of understanding in you, my body. What are those new things, you may ask? As you approach my throne room, know that I will open up my books to you. For you see, I have wonderful things to impart unto you.

I AM the Giver of life. I AM the very bread of life. You eat things for your body in this life. Some of them are good for you, and yet, some are not. It is also true of what you take-in spiritually. For if you would eat the things of various religions and philosophies, they would end up being hollowness to your bones. Would you not want to have a healthy appetite? Would you not want to flourish like a tree by the river? For you can plainly see what has happened to the rottenness of some.

My body and blood was given unto you. It was given as a ransom for many, and for a new life in Me. But it was not just a life that would be lived after this one.

For just as there are new things being discovered with technology, so even now, a new door will open up to my Spirit. With the key that I give unto you, the door will open up. And there you will behold the land of my Spirit. There you will walk hand-in-hand with Me. There the light of my face will dawn upon you. There the landscape will appear differently. There the water will flow directly from my throne. There, no arrows will harm you from the enemy. There the light of my glory will guide you. And yet the light will shine through but a small place through that door. For it is open to all who would come in and sup with Me. "

Stephen Hanson



“Thy terribleness hath deceived thee, and the pride of thine heart, O thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, that holdest the height of the hill: though thou shouldest make thy nest as high as the eagle, I will bring thee down from thence, saith the LORD.” Jeremiah 49

"Oh you that have been high and mighty, know that I will bring you down, says the Lord. Oh you, that in your pride and arrogance think that you are the answer to the world's woes, your time has come.

But your time has not come to be seated on your great throne. Your velvet tapestries, your gold, and your luxurious things, will be your demise. And then what will you do? Will you go to your high tower and sulk?

I tell you that a great upset is coming. I tell you that a great turn around is coming. The committees will meet, and a decision will be made.

A show down is coming, and emotions will run high. "

Stephen Hanson



21 I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. 22 But if they had stood in my counsel, and had caused my people to hear my words, then they should have turned them from their evil way, and from the evil of their doings. Jeremiah 23

"Where have all the true watchmen and prophets gone to? Who are the ones that would truly speak for Me? For many of you speak from your own desires and opinions.

You have mixed my word with your own. You spread lies amidst my own. You give false hope and you lead many astray.

You have mixed my counsel with your own. But I have some who truly know Me. They have stood in my presence. But you; you have decided to speak for Me. You say that you have a word from ME. You tell the people that you have stood in my counsel. You tell the people that you know truth from error. But I tell you that I don't know you.

I will bring you down. I will bring you down and take away what you think you have. You will be humbled, and your star status will be taken away from you.

And then for a season, if you are truly repentant, and you seek Me with your whole heart, then I will use you again for my purposes. "

Stephen Hanson



8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55

"Dear people of the most high God,

You must get ready for the coming elections. For the wind will sweep over this nation. Who is the one that many of you think that I have chosen? Soon you will find out because of the outcome. Many have speculated and a few have prophesied, but very few have heard correctly from my throne.

For in the past, true men led a nation, and they had the strength and character to show it. But now in these last days a nation, and a world has fallen into ruins. Some pray that I would lead you forward into a new glory. Some pray that I will choose someone like Saul who appeared to be strong and resilient. And yet, you know that his ending was that of ruin.

There is not a young shepherd boy to lead you. There is not an Eisenhower or a Lincoln for this hour. Gone are the days of Kennedy. Gone are the days of your founding fathers. No, I will give you what you deserve. For you are a divided nation. You are a nation of hatred and violence. What leader could bring you back to an earlier time?

Time moves forward and it waits for no man. You stand upon the brink of civil war. And yet, I still love you with an everlasting love. But a father does what is best for his children. After everything is done and the dust settles, a new year will dawn. And with it, the old will be done away with it. But rocky days are in store for you. Civil unrest will ensue, and false prophets will emerge.

The world's stage is set for a showdown. The players will assemble, and the events leading up to the very last days will come. "

Stephen Hanson



12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known. I Cor. 13

What will the people say on that day? What will they say on the day when they behold the one that they had pierced?

What will they say when they know that it is too late? It is not too late now. For there is still time. But with each and every day that you linger, the grains of sand slip through the hourglass.

The grains of sand have been set to each, at their appointed time. I hold the hourglass; for it is my appointed instrument.

And behold, I see the reflections of many who have come into my kingdom. But the reflections also show the images of many who have yet to decide.

Their images come to Me, both young and old, says the Lord. I see some who are eager, and still others who hide, as if thinking that their reflection doesn't show who they really are.

For you see, I see you for who you are. You don't need to pretend to be something that you aren't. For the reflection of my Son is seen there.

Now, you just behold things through a mirror dimly, but then the time will come when you will behold Me face-to-face. Now you know in part; now you prophesy in part."

Stephen Hanson



3 At the noise of the tumult the people fled; at the lifting up of thyself the nations were scattered. Isaiah 33
"The world's stage and its actors are in dismay. The world wobbles back-and-forth like a drunken sailor. The nations wait in eager expectation for the next stroke.

And what will another day bring? Will more bloodshed and chaos come about? Will there be safety found within the walls of your lands? Will your military strength be fortified? The nations are held in a balance by my hand.

But behold, I AM God and there is none like Me. For I stretch out the heavens. I ordain seasons for mankind. I have set the stars in the heavens, and I have set man a little lower than the angels.

But it was always in his heart to war against one another. Ever since Cain killed his brother, there has been bloodshed. And so it will be ever still until I come back in the clouds for you. "

Stephen Hanson



8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. 10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. Matt. 24

(I was watching the news as Loretta Lynch spoke of the recent Dallas shootings and the two black men who had recently been killed. The Spirit of the Lord was stirring in my heart. The word below is a serious one, and I truly believe that we have entered into a new time frame. ) Then the Lord said this:

"This is the beginning of sorrows. This is the beginning of sorrows. This is the beginning of the end.

But the hands of the clock keep on moving. Allow Me to work with you, my people. Allow Me to soften your hearts. For you have entered into a new time. You have entered into a new phase. For indeed, the pages have turned. The sorrows of many are written on the faces of many throughout the land.

But you cannot go backwards to another time. You can only go forward. And what would each day bring, you would say? What would it bring? You stand upon the brink, oh land of America. The lives of many cry out from the ground. Injustice is heard throughout the land. Where is justice to be found? Where might those who have lost loved ones find mercy? I will extend mercy to those who have lost loved ones, but the bloodshed is reaching a level where it has become a common place.

(The Spirit of the Lord showed me a huge angel that was standing ready to blow his horn. He was beginning to blow it and was poised and was in position. )

The angel that has been set upon the land of America is ready to blow his horn. For judgment is falling. The sound of that horn has reached my throne. You are given but a few months to consider the outcome.
Stephen Hanson



I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness will not be revealed; and eye salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see. Rev. 3:18

"For as many are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God. But I tell you, 'How many have been led by my Spirit.'?

How many have followed after my leading rather than your own? I tell you that many who claim to follow after Me follow after their own desires rather than Me.

Many have a cause. Many have their own agendas; but your causes are not mine.

Your build your churches and you hold your conferences, and you claim to reach higher realms in the spirit. But some of you are going into the realms of your own desires. You clap and sing songs of glory, but your songs don't bring you closer to Me.

For you exalt yourselves. You exalt yourselves in claiming to know Me better. But you have done this for your own self-aggrandizement. Would that you would rather sit silent before Me. Would that you would rather throw away your drama and your glory.

You claim to have eyes that would see into my realms, says the Lord. But I say that your eyes are closed. For you neither see nor hear. Buy salve from Me that you would see."

Stephen Hanson



32 And what more shall I say? For time will fail me if I tell of Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, of David and Samuel and the prophets, 33 who by faith conquered kingdoms, performed acts of righteousness, obtained promises, shut the mouths of lions, 34 quenched the power of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, from weakness were made strong, became mighty in war, put foreign armies to flight. 35 Women received back their dead by resurrection; and others were tortured, not accepting their release, so that they might obtain a better resurrection; 36 and others experienced mockings and scourgings, yes, also chains and imprisonment. 37 They were stoned, they were sawn in two, they were tempted, they were put to death with the sword; they went about in sheepskins, in goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, ill-treated 38 (men of whom the world was not worthy), wandering in deserts and mountains and caves and holes in the ground. Hebrews 11

"Dig deep and find the strength that you need in these days ahead.

And think back upon those who have gone before you. For in those days past, many wandered alone in deserts, they were held captive. The world looked upon them as those who were not worthy.

For many in the past suffered loss; they lived alone and there were not many others around them. But many stopped the mouths of lions. They spoke and prophesied to kings. They were not robed in the array of kings, but their clothing was that of my kingdom.

And have I not chosen the despised things of this world? Have I not chosen the lowly and the meek? But when you wear the clothes of my kingdom then you are arrayed in the colors of that land. I have sent many of you out into the world; and yet the world would not receive you as one of their own. I was not received. They welcomed me not. For I was a man of sorrows, rejected of men. And if the world receives you not, remember that they didn't receive Me.

Wear the clothes of my kingdom. Then you will stop the mouths of lions, and you will perform feats as in days of old."

Stephen Hanson



Where is the wise man (philosopher)? Where is the scribe (scholar)? Where is the debater (logician, orator) of this age? Has God not exposed the foolishness of this world’s wisdom? I Cor. 1:20

"The players are soon to enter the arena. They soon will be on stage. The crowd will roar and will await their display.

What will happen on that day? What great things will you say and promises will you make? The season that follows this one, will thrust you into a time of chaos and dismay. And then a new Commander-in-Chief will emerge. But it will not be the order of business as usual. For the pendulum has swung from one side to another. The voices have cried, and many are divided on the issues.

A civil war will emerge. For you will be divided oh land, that was once the land of the free and the home of the brave. You have been held in the balance and have been found wanting. The writing is upon the wall and it spells things that you don't want to hear.

What will be said from your churches on that day? What great speeches will you make? Will you be bitter and angry, or will your message reach out to the homeless and lost? You will then know that you are on the road to the final days of your land. But know oh land, that nothing happens without my hand being involved in the process. "

Stephen Hanson



"He will sit as a smelter and purifier of silver, and He will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, so that they may present to the LORD offerings in righteousness. Malachi 3:3
"I AM a consuming fire. I burn everything away that is not of Me. I AM in the process of burning the chaff away in your lives. I AM the purifier of the sons of Levi.

I mold and shape my servants into my image. I hammer, and I forge. For how can metal be shaped if it is not at an extreme heat?

The billows have blown upon the coals. The coals are brightly-colored and hot; and when the time is right, I begin shaping.

Just as a potter would shape different vessels, so I AM shaping you into the vessel of my choice.

The process would seem arduous, but it is needed. You see, there are many reasons and purposes for this.

For I want you to be made ready for the days that are ahead. They will not be easy, and they will be filled with much darkness. But if you are tempered like a fine sword, then you will be skillful in the battle ahead.

And forging after forging, will shape you into the vessel of my making."

Stephen Hanson


And it came to pass at the seventh time, that he said, “Behold, there ariseth a little cloud out of the sea, like a man’s hand.” And he said, “Go up, say unto Ahab, ‘Prepare thy chariot, and get thee down, that the rain stop thee not.’” 1 Kings 18:44

What can be said that has not already been said? How many have known of the deep darkness that is coming?

There is a cloud that is coming, and it is perceivable out on the horizon. All would appear to be a certain part of the day where you are at, but when the cloud arrives, it brings with it a great storm.

So it is with the events that are coming. Not many perceive what is coming. Not many know what is out on the horizon beyond; for most are concerned about their day-to-day activities.

But my watchmen look out. They see that there is a storm that is approaching. Soon, that one cloud will fill the sky around you. And then before you know it, you will be caught-up in the storm.

Oh, that if you would have been like the men of Issachar. For they were able to perceive the times that they were living in.

But no, you would rather be about your everyday lives."

Stephen Hanson



For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:3

"This is the beginning of the end. For the events of the coming fall will propel you into a new time, says the Lord.

For, civil unrest will be ensued at every corner. It is not going to be life as usual. For, these are the events that are propelling you into the last days.

Brother will hate brother. The enemies of your own household will be common place. For disputes will arise because of the direction of the United States. And then you would say, 'If only we had elected this person, then everything would be OK.'

But what you fail to see, and what you fail to understand, is that this is all my will. It is my will to bring you to judgment. For you are a disobedient people. You are a people who have followed after your own heart. Your bickering and your childish ways have shown Me this.

Again I say, that you will be surprised at the outcome. Your borders have been crossed. There is killing and shooting at every corner. You have taken up the sword to fight those who are against you. But what you don't realize is that it has pierced your hearts.

What will be spoken of from your pulpits? What great words will you utter on that day? Will you rise up further to fight the infidel, or will you heal the wounds that have been inflicted?

A song will be heard throughout the land. It will be a sound of revolution. It will be a beating of the drums and of a worn-torn nation. But I tell you, that you can not go back to a bygone era. Those days are long forgotten. What remains are the memories from your books.

For the page has been turned. The annals of history are forgotten. Now the page has on it inscribed, 'The last days of a worn-torn nation.' Patriotism is not the answer. Rising-up for a cause is not the answer. You say, 'But we have prayed for our land!' But you pray that the land would be brought back to a former time; and it won't.

You follow after your favorite radio programs. You follow after the distorted lies. You would rather follow your conspiracies than Me. And so, the land is sick and I must heal it. "

Stephen Hanson