July 26, 1998

"I will show you oh church, a beautiful tree. This tree was barren, and had no fruit. The winds came and blew upon that tree. It went this way and that. The winds are storms which have reeked havoc on my body. Oh, my church, you have gone through many things over the course of the years. You stood-up for Me during the time of the early Fathers. You weathered the storms of the Reformation, and you came out. There were the mighty revival movements of the 19th Century, and your tree grew with the freshness of this. Some even came and "hacked" at you and you "shook", and it knocked many of your branches off. As you came into the 20th century, there were many "winds", and my church was "split-off." But you, you need to sink your roots deep. You need to find the nourishment that comes from spending time with me.

(I saw a picture of 2-3 people, bent over examining a section of a tree, as the layers were pulled back in it, they were looking at it, and pointing to different parts of it.)

Your bark, and the inner structure of you, has become diseased.
You have let the things of this world--the psychology, and the philosophies of this world, seep-in. See... it has caused a discoloration in many sections. It is eating away at the inner structure. It will not remain strong if these things are not taken out. How can it reproduce, or be a thing of beauty, if this continues? I will send the rain, the rains of my Spirit. They will come and seep-in, and heal that part. You read the word, and that is good. But let my Spring and Fall rains come and replenish. Then you will thrive and bloom into a wonderful tree. The birds of the air, and the living creatures, will come and be at your feet. Your roots will go deep because of the soil you are planted in. Oh my church, you have weathered many storms and winds; now you can grow and begin to be nourished once again."

Stephen Hanson


July 24, 1998

"My body was broken and given unto many--and I gave it for you for the purposes of having a life in Me. But now...my body has been broken anew. There are scars and wounds, which many of my people have. Many of you have seen your brother or your sister wounded. They cried out unto Me, and I made it clear that I would send someone to help them in their time of need. But you were too busy with your own affairs. You were too wrapped-up in what you wanted to do. Dear people...I have given some of you to do one thing, and others, something else. What brother or sister in your own family would you not help out? There are some with the art of great mercy, who feel the pain, who want to show the compassion. I say that I have given some this "heart"; this heart of tender mercies. Use it as one who would have great skill. Build-up others- come alongside and be their companion. Too long has my body been biting and hurting each other. These wounds have festered. These wounds have prevented fellowship with others. Do you not know that you are all a part of each other? As I've said through Paul, "Is not the body made up of many parts? And can the leg or the arm say, 'I have not need of you'"?

I tell you that when the next battle comes--will they fare well; those who are lame and wounded? Straighten out these wounds now. Give them unto Me, for I am the Great Physician. Otherwise, the roots of this will go down and cause great bitterness. Let the sisters and brothers with this gift of mercy apply it to the wounds. Apply the gauze and the antiseptic of my Spirit. I will be a shelter from the storm. For what battle does not need nurses. Go out into those places I've called you. Lift-up the fainthearted. Listen to those who have been hurt. Pray with them and befriend them. For in so doing, you do it unto Me. I want my body strong, and not limping around. Every part of her is important. REPAIR, REPAIR, REPAIR. Then you will truly be my disciples, because you've shown how much you love each other."

Stephen Hanson


July 23, 199

"The shepherds of many of the flocks are not tending the sheep. They pretend to, but they are concerned with earthly gain and worldly goods. They are fearful of losing their people. They are fearful of those who would teach or prophesy something in my name. For many of them have their own agendas--they have their own ways. Many of them have made this their own church. Oh, how you love to hear yourself talk! You can say some wonderful things from your pulpit. But do you care for the weak, and those with no husbands? Are you willing to hear the "word" from one of your brothers or sisters? You may have the music just right, and you may have everything decorated, but how is it decorated on the inside? You see, the church needs those who would come alongside, and help with the foundation. For I see cracks and holes--there are missing parts in this foundation. For you laid your own work down. You thought that your training and your education would do just fine. What have you learned and what are you willing to change? My church must be built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with me being the chief cornerstone. Otherwise, you build in vain. Otherwise, your building is lacking structure. I would say, go back to the beginning, and survey the land. Notice how the foundation should be laid. Bring in those who can help. For you are just one piece in the puzzle. Hand your brother the trowel, and let him mix the work. Lay this work together. Let me help you with the building. Make sure that what you have laid with is a strong mortar. I am over my body, and I am looking into my church. I don't see very much of this happening. Remember that I am the Chief Shepherd. I am the one who gave you this role. You are part of a team, and it is not a single effort. Let my church be a church that is laid on the true foundation. Then it will rise to its full potential.

Eph. 2:20 --"Built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the Chief Cornerstone. In him the whole building is joined together, and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit."

Stephen Hanson


July 21, 1998

"As eagle wings are spread, and they lift-up unto Me, many of you have battle marks. For many of you have fought alone. For you have thought in your heart, 'I don't need others.' You have been lifted-up high, and others have come and tried to tear at you. When you fly, take heed where you are going. The air currents of my Spirit, are meant to lift you up in me. But there are other winds which are strong; these are not from me. These are those which vultures and other prey, ride on. The enemy has sent his agents into the camps. But some of you have not noticed, for you have been off alone, encircling the mountains--You left, and the sky changed. You were left alone, without others at you side.

My eagles, my prophets, some are called to go on ahead, and spy out the devices of the enemy. Some are called to stay in camp, and hear the call from those who have gone ahead. For those left to camp, they are a warning system. You all must hear my word--you all must not get confused with the other "winds". How can you know if trouble has come?

(The Lord was showing me an eagle perched upon a high nest, looking this way and that.)

Can your eyes see forever? Can you pretend to know everything that I am doing? Your brothers and sisters, who fly with you, they have reports to give. They have things to say. But you are perched upon your own nest, and you don't even notice the wind that is coming. I will tell you something. Some would even bite and claw their brothers, for they would think that their message is the only one. For I give some one part, and I give others another word. For you can all come up unto Me. Fly...fly...Come up unto Me, and sit down and LISTEN. Don't be so hasty in going away. Let me train you to wait upon Me. The one sitting alone, has not come back to hear more. Now is the time to be gathered and wait upon my directions. Do not think that you can do this alone. This is the time you've been waiting for. This is the time to listen even more and more. Await my directions. Do not go into other territories alone. For with a multitude of counselors, there is great strength. The sky is full of all kinds of prey. They await many to prey upon and harm. Join with the others so that you know what is happening. Be on guard, for your enemy is prowling around.

Stephen Hanson


July 18, 1998

"I would sing you a song, as a piper would play--a melody from long ago. It would speak of the mountains and the hills and the valleys. It would speak of flowing streams and still waters. It would have all the birds of the air and the freshness of nature in it. It would have orange sunshine and green meadows. It would have the buffalo and the antelope. It would have men doing their work and laboring in the sun. It would speak of the raging waters of the ocean. It would tell how the wind changes course as men are out at sea. It would also tell how a young mother holds a new baby in her arms. It would tell how the old sit and watch as life goes by them. It would speak of marriage, and two who have given their lives for each other. It would speak of the young, as they go off to college. This song, this melody, is my song of life.

But there is another song, which has a melody which is much different. For it is filled with darkness and decay. It has a very discordant sound. Its sound robs the mother from her baby. And instead of marriage, there is divorce. Instead of meadows and clear blue skies, there are dark dungeons and forests where hideous things are done. The evil from the heart of this composer has struck a bitter chord. There is death instead of life. And there are not dreams or hope for those who plan their futures. My people, my song will give you life. It will instill that creation in your heart. Seek me while I may be found. Call upon me, and I will hear. For I long to give you all the treasures of my kingdom. I long to fill your hearts with a song which will bring you life.

I will show you oh church, a battle, the battle which will be fought. It is the battle for the kingdom. It is like a battle which no other has been. For men and women will be taken. Homes will be left, and people's hearts will be terrified. This nation is coming under judgement. Many will be hurt and destroyed. But know--nothing will befall those who have kept my word. Stand firm, for your redemption draweth nigh. Prepare your hearts, and prepare your habitations. Fortify the walls of your hearts. There is nothing hidden which I will not make plain. My eagles must warn my people. Stand upon the walls, and be a watchman. Tell them to make ready. Do not be alarmed, but be ready. For much of what has been spoken in the past about the future of this nation, has been given in fear. For you are not to fear, for I am a God who longs to save you. And I want those who are in darkness to be taken out of their prison. You will see an increase of activity upon this earth--You will see national disasters on the increase. And you will see an increase in how many have felt the pangs of starvation. Many of this, I have spoken of, and I have told you. The olive tree is tender, in fact, it is more than tender. When it was tender, I said that these things were at the door. Stand firm until the end, and I will draw you out.

Stephen Hanson


July 16, 1998

"Very much like Israel, are my people today. Hosea married a harlot, and she bore him two children. I commanded him to do this for the sake of an illustration. For they had sacrificed on every hill and gone after other gods. He continually went back to her, even though she was unfaithful. He had united himself with a prostitute, an adulterer. For she was not satisfied with the love of her husband. She was not content to lie in his arms alone. Oh, my people have not changed. They still go whoring after other gods. It may not be a thing fashioned by their own hands, but they polish it and set it up high on a pedestal. Your homes, your possessions, your gold...all of this, has become your god. I ask you to buy gold refined in the furnace--this alone will melt away the impurities. Out of the furnace of much affliction, you will now be tested. Fot it is by my fire, and my purging, you become close to me. For I am a consuming fire, and I will burn away the dross. I will melt away everything that stands in the way of your purity. See if that thing which you have fashioned by your own hand, can deliver you from what is to come. When you call upon my name to save you, will I listen? Will I listen when you are wrapped-up in your own idols? You were sent wise men, and prophets, and seers in times past. And you would not listen to them. Even though I would continue to warn you and tell you, you are still unfaithful. You continue to show yourself as an unfaithful spouse. See...the wedding is about to begin--I have poured the finest wine, I have prepared a table before you. I have invited all the guests. But look, on the other side of the hill. I see another ceremony going on. They are drinking and having fine food. They are having all kinds of fun. I say, that when I come back, there will be eating and drinking, and giving in marriage. Just as it was in the days of Noah, I saved his family from the flood. Those who perservere, and come into my furnace, will be saved. And you will sit with me at my table. And you will become kings and princes for the ages which are to come. You will rule over many. And my courts will be a thing of justice. And I will set my staff to guard and protect you. Neither the heat of the day, or the arrow which flyeth by night, will come into your tent. So, be a faithful wife to me, and not an unfaithful one."

Stephen Hanson



July 15,

"In the past, I spoke about Israel's sin. How they sacrificed on every hill. They offered me burnt offerings of every kind. Their songs and their music were not pleasing to me. I abhor the many gifts you bring to me. For they are given from a heart that is self-satisfied--one which is complete in themselves. I am mixing...I am mixing a bowl of judgement to be poured out upon you. It will come, says the Lord. It will come. Your say that a loving God would not bring judgement; that we are not to be cast down. But I have warned you, and I will continue. You know not what is coming. For many of your homes, and your places which you live in, will no longer be a place of refuge. Your only refuge will be me. I will strip away all of that which is your false security--all of your fancy homes, your lifestyles which you parade around with. I will strip away everything which exalts itself, and which you place your hope in. A war is coming--a war where you will carry your possessions with you.

(Vision of people carrying blocks and various things on their shoulders)

I can hold back my hand. I can stop mixing these things. For I have heard your prayers and your pleas. Many of you have stood in the gap for this nation. Many of you have prayed on its behalf. Abraham pleaded with me for Sodom and Gomorrah. He wanted me to stay my hand. He wanted me to keep these things from happening. I am not a God who is not a loving God, but I am a just one. For my throne will be established in justice. There are many stories going around about my coming judgement. One thing is true--is that it is coming. Yes...I am saving some from all of this. And yes...I am coming for my church. In the mean time, get your houses in order. Do not merely clean the outside of the cup like the Pharisees did. But let me do a deep cleaning inside of you. That is how you will avoid this coming judgement. Keep doing the things which I've called you to do. Be diligent in your praying, and in your teaching and preaching my word. As I've said before, many times over, they will desire to find other teachers. Ones who will soothe them and say the things they want them to say. Keep justice and mercy. Love those who persecute you. Then you will shed abroad my light upon a fallen generation. And please...keep the bond of peace and unity. I am sitting here waiting--my hand is still mixing.

Stephen Hanson


July 13 Evening

Isaiah 65:17--"Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered, not will they come to mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in what I will create, for I will create Jerusalem to be a delight and its people a joy. (vs. 20)-Never again will there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who does not live out his years."
I Co. 3:1--"Brothers, I could not address you as spiritual but as worldly--mere infants in Christ. I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not ready for it."

"There is a time coming when the house of the Lord will be established. It will be higher than the mountains. Its gates will be forever open; and nothing unclean or impure will be there. From everlasting to everlasting, this kingdom will last. A young child will not die, nor will the old be forgotten. And those who enter in, will shine like the noon day sun. In its day, many will come and see the wonders which I have in store for them. This kingdom will be a place where none of the former things will be remembered, not will they come to mind.

Oh my church, you need to look beyond your present circumstances. You need to look far on down the line. For way past these hills and valleys, the sun is shining brighter than any day has yet been. For past the battles, past all the many things which you get caught-up in, is a door which is opening-up. See...I hold this world in my hands; for I created it and everything that is in it. And I endowed you all with my Spirit. I breath into man and I create him out of the dust of the earth. I form a woman out of his very bone and marrow. And I gave him all things to enjoy in my creation. And yes, he has sinned and fallen away. My church has gone astray.

(The Lord was showing me a tricycle, and a toy train on a track, a jack-in-the-box, and a clown in a poka-dot outfit.)

For they all have their toys, and the things they want to play with. Many of them are infants and little children. How can a child know about the battles that have been going on? They would want to taste all the delacacies of my hand. They know not how to eat. For when there are wars and divisions among you, then you are still infants.

Look beyond the walls of this earth, and set your eyes upon the everlasting kingdom--the one I have in store for you. There will be many battles and trials for you upon this earth. But you must look beyond, and set your gaze far beyond those hills. Then you will rise above your present circumstances.

Stephen Hanson


July 11, 1998

2 Co. 3:18 "And we who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit."

"My Spirit is waiting on my body--I say that I am waiting on my body, to come into its fullness. The fullness of my Spirit. I have been pouring it out upon many in this hour. Many have tasted of its waters, and some have bathed in it. Some are idly watching, and wondering what has been going on. I give unto some to taste of these things, and others will partake of other things. But not all will possess, because not all have been willing to be open to these things. My Spirit longs to give my body all of its resources. I long to give unto it the gifts of my Spirit. I long to feed it and nourish it. I long for it to come into full display. Some of my children have been led astray. They have gone after things which are appealing to them. They have followed teachers after their own making. Did I not say that in the last days, if it were possible, that even the elect would fall away? They have gone after angels, they have gone after other teachings, they follow the stars and the horoscopes. They want to mix the things of this world with my church. But it will not mix. A great tidal wave of my Spirit is coming. It is coming to wash away all that is impure. It is coming to cleanse my body, and to make her pure. Many will not see this thing; for their eyes are short and their ears are dull. Those who are open to my cleansing will experience new heights of joy and a greater understanding of my love and my character. You see...it is not just my gifts which I want to impart, but it is my character. For many want my gifts and my power. But how many are willing to be broken and made into my image? Let me shape you and mold you. Let me trim away that which is not good. Then you will be ready for my return."

Stephen Hanson