June 22, 1998

"It was said through Isaiah, 'Arise shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.' (Is. 60:1) But why is darkness upon my church? Why is there so much confusion and misunderstanding? Why do my people run to and fro seeking answers in various places? Are not your answers to be found in me alone? A light has dawned upon the hearts of man, and they have chosen to find their own light. My light shows the way to salvation.

I will tell you secret things from long ago. Things that have been treasured-up and kept for the days ahead. A remnant will be saved out of my people. A piece of cloth which has not known to be torn or strewn away. My remnant is a people who long for me. They long for me as a summer rain. They long for me as newly fallen snow. But what is this? You say, 'Have we not prayed? Do we not spend time in worship and praise of you? You are our king, and we long to be with you.' "You seek me with your lips, but your heart is far from me."

You have heard about many things from my pulpits: You have heard about salvation, you have heard about forgiveness of sins, you have heard about my body given unto you, and my blood poured out unto many. These things are all good and well. But it is time to go unto maturity. I would say, that if God permits for us to go on, then, let's go on!

Many of my people are as children. Many of them are as toddlers in a play pin. You talk about the rapture, and when it will happen, you follow after some new thing discovered by some man or woman who has "figured it all out." Your cleverly devised plans and schemes will not bring you closer to me.

Stop going to one camp and then another. You say, 'I can read the times and the seasons.' "Yes...the times and the seasons are everywhere." But there is more to it than just that. A man's car or wagon, was broken down beside the road. Many just drove on by and would not help him. There are many in my body where they have become broken-down. They don't know it, but one of their wheels is broken. One of the doctrines of their belief has become lop-sided. A car cannot steer, nor can it be moved, if it is missing one of its wheels.

Let me be the Great Physician of your ministries. Let me repair that which is broken. There is a highway which would be established in the land. It is a highway for all my people to travel upon. Each vehicle has a different purpose and design. Let this highway be free of all the rubbish. Then this light will again dawn upon my body. Thus would say, the soon returning King."

Stephen Hanson


June 24, 1998

There have been several prophecies lately about the battle waging. I saw troops of an army, coming down off of their horses, and resting beside a river. I also saw eagles soaring, and encircling each other in the clouds. Then heaven was opened-up, and above the clouds where the eagles were, there was an expanse of clouds which was the heavenlies, where none could come up to.


"Do not think that I do not know of the unrest that is in my body. There is a river, a great river from my throne. It is the river of my Spirit. It has come, and you have bathed in it. It has come, because my Spirit is being poured out more in this hour.

It has been a time of battle. But look, the leagues of my army need to rest. They need to stop by my still waters. For there are times of refreshing, when my body needs to lay all of their burdens down. Come and lay your spears, and your ax, and all the other weapons of your warfare. For the battle is raging, yea it is raging in the heavenlies. Rev. 12:7 "And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels fought back." But my angels are fighting a great battle; for you see, the trumpet call has been sounded. And many have not been able to hear its sound. That sound given in the heavenlies, has become muffled. For the angels of darkness have tried to block the sound.

Look unto me, for the battle is not yours, but it is mine, says the Lord. My word is mighty to the pulling-down of strongholds, but remember that I am doing the fighting.

Would you pull-up and rest, says the Lord? Would you climb down off of your horses, and lay down in my pasture? for it is a fertile field. Rest...Rest...My eagles are soaring high in the heavenlies. They have told of the battle. They are encircling round about. But my heavenlies have agents which are soaring even higher. They encircle round about my throne, from everlasting to everlasting. So eagles know, that above these clouds, there are my heavenlies."

Stephen Hanson


June 25, 1998

"Why do we run about doing this and doing that? We are such a restless people, these that I have created. I made you all in my image. I created you for fellowship with me. And when I return, which is very soon, will I find you ready? For heaven is opened-up, and I am standing at the door knocking. Will anyone listen to me? Does anyone want to hear?

You read about me in your bible studies. You think of me as someone who lived long ago, as a bearded-old man who would answer your prayers. But I am much more than anything you can begin to grasp. I look down from my throne, and I see many things happening; I see the busyness of life taking over, I see families splitting up, and I see my church in much confusion.

I created the earth from the void. I hollowed it out by my hands, and I endowed man and woman with a Spirit after my own. I am coming back for my church very soon--know that I will not wait forever. The signs are everywhere, but can you read them? Many in my church would warn you about what is to come. Many would tell of these things. Oh, you've become so lukewarm! Where will I find my body? Will it be running to and fro, doing this or doing that, or will its lamps be trimmed and made ready? The five foolish and the five wise--which will you be? Will you be running to one of your brothers or sisters for oil so that you might see? The oil is here right now, put it on your eyes so that you might see. Let your lamps be trimmed and be made ready, would say the Lord."

Stephen Hanson


June 27, 1998

"I will speak slowly and softly--The wind has blown in many ways lately. Those air currents have been picked-up by my eagles--They have heard the call that I have sounded. Yes, I have created you all with a special way of hearing me; and at times there are other winds that come in. But is not that the way that it has always been? I tell you this, that greater things you will do; that with each step, there is a greater challenge.

Consider a man who climbs a mountain. He takes with him all the necessary gear: his ropes, and things to fasten his feet with, all so he may not fall off of that mountain. But as he climbs higher and higher, he sees a place where he can stay, a place where he can make camp, a place where he is satisfied. But then, he hears the voice of one calling him up higher, higher, higher...Because he cannot stay there. Although this place in the rock is a comfortable place, he must begin the journey anew. And so, with all of his gear, the ascent up this mountain continues. Yet another place as he continues to find a place in the rock to set his tools.

Know that this is how it will all continue until I call you all up--For my mountain is designed to bring you unto maturity. Yes...there are times of resting, and my body needs those times. But continue up my mountain--keep climbing. For if you don't, complacency sets in, and you will become weak and comfortable. Strike the mountain with fervor, and climb, climb, up my mountain."

Micah 4:1-2--"In the last days the mountain of the Lord's temple will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills, and peoples will stream to it. Many nations will come and say, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob."

Stephen Hanson


June 30, 1998

John 3:8--"The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going."

"The winds blow many things; they can blow the things of my Spirit, or they can bring tidings of strange things. You do not know from whence the wind blows--My Spirit is the same way; it picks up the things from which I have sent it. It is a purging fire, and it is a soft-spoken voice. Get to know the differences. There are times of silence, and there are times of much speaking. Oh, how I long for my people to hear my voice.

The winds can speak of many things--they may give a good report or a bad one. Observe how a hurricane or a tornado would do destruction--everything in its path is laid low. Many things have been lost through these natural winds. But my wind is one which would bring my Spirit, with all the gifts and the manifestations.

My church, I have been blowing my winds upon you for a long time. Are you willing to listen? The sky can change very quickly, and my clouds can send a hurricane or a tornado. Do not wait for me to speak in the midst of the hurricane. For I long to tell you of what is to come. Listen to my Spirit, in that still small voice, and then you will be better prepared for what is to come."

I kings 19:12--"Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper."

Stephen Hanson


July 2, 1998

"Many people are preparing for what lies ahead. (VISION-two rows of people walking with bundles in their arms.) They are gathering their bundles, they are gathering their possessions. They are keeping the part which they think they'll need. What is the preparation for the days ahead?

'A wise son prepares in summer', 'Consider an ant, oh sluggard.' These take great pains for preparation. They think about the winter months, when things are lean; when food is scarce to be found. Oh...this people of mine. You think you can take care of your natural affairs, but what of your spirits? How can you feed and clothe them? Can all those bundles you've gathered, give you more light?

Some have even gone so far as to build shelters underground. It is a thing of fear, says the Lord. Do you think you can escape my judgments upon this earth? In those days which lie ahead, this earth will be scorched and laid low. And very few will come out of it. Be like that wise son who gathered in summer. My hand is bringing my judgments. I can keep my hand back for a while. If even the animals, whom I have created, know how to gather, cannot you prepare your hearts? The storehouse is the one which holds all the precious gems of my Spirit."

Pro. 10:5--"He who gathers crops in summer is a wise son, but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son."
Matt. 6:19--"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. Of where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Stephen Hanson


July 4, 1998

"My eagles will fly higher and higher; they will reach that part of the sky where my air currents will take them to new places. They are encircling high in the heavens.

Beware of many things--beware of those who speak presumably in my name. Have I not said that you would know them by their fruits? Pick off some of the fruit, and see what it tastes like. Is it bitter to the taste, or does it bring sweetness to your soul? There are many voices out there in this hour. Some speak in my name, and others don't. My word is a balanced word. It will bring judgement, BUT there is always hope...There is always a way to be redeemed. I want to save all that I can, and I care about those that are lost. What parent would not grieve for a lost son or daughter? There is a great need for discerning my word. There is a great need to see how that prophetic word lines-up with scripture. I have spoken my word first, and by it, the heavens and the earth were created. It is a creative word which gives life unto the hearer. Many of the words and messages I hear, fill my people with fear. They are like rottenness to the bone, they are like a dry place in the midst of a desert. How can a traveler be sustained on a journey? He will take all the necessary gear with him. He will need the proper clothing for the climate he is journeying to. If he has everything he needs, but his water supply is low, he will become parched and dry.

Many of my people have become parched and dry, because of the words given to them. I SAY THAT I AM AGAINST THOSE WHO SPEAK PRESUMABLY IN MY NAME. Seek that well that gives everlasting life, and that will give you the words which to speak."

Stephen Hanson


July 7, 1998

"There are many workman who serve me. There are many who labor, and daily they plod along in their course. For these are my work horses. They strive to do my work. They daily work the fields, and they pull the wagons--for they are my workmen. They do not look to the left, nor to the right. They do not just give me eye service, for their work is their reward. They surely have their reward.

Then there are my stallions--for they love to run swiftly without bit or bridle. They want the freedom of the open fields. They want to run and frolic in the fields. They have not learned discipline, they have not learned to have my hand upon them. And they would feed by my open fields, and by every stream and river that they can find.

And then there are my eagles--they would fly higher and higher. They would go up into those places that they are familiar with. Many would fly off to themselves. Many would fly in lonely canyons where no one can find them. And yet, there are some who keep to the flock. They want the lonely ones, and the strays to fly with them. They want them to learn to fly on new air currents. They want them to learn how to fly with the master. They want them to stop building their own empires. For many of them have become dark and gloomy. Many of them just spend their time circling around their own towers. Their surroundings have become filled with the clouds of their own making. And their words are mixed with their own fears, and their own concoctions.

Come out of your gloomy rooms, and fly with your brethren. I need you all to hear me. I need you to fly higher and higher. I need you to be trained under my wings. And so, my creation can show its individual gifts and functioning for the body. But you all need to work together as one. And you all need to see that each has something to offer. Do the work of ministry, for my time is not long in coming."

There are others in my kingdom who are like the Lion--for he is the last to set things in order in my church. He needs to display his part to the body. For I have those who see as the eagle sees, and I have those who do the work of ministry, as my workmen do. But it is time for my Lion, the spiritual Father to take his place even more. He will help out the other ones, and he will govern my body. He has been hidden; but he will come out. This will truly bring the rightful place to them. Then no stone will be left without its rightful place, and my building will rise to its full potential."

Stephen Hanson


July 9, 1998

"My servant Ezekiel, was called to harden his head like the Israelites had become hardened. They had become very stubborn and obstinate. They had chosen their own course and had decided not to listen to me. They had refused to listen to me. And so, I sent them a man who was to be as hardened as they were. He became resolute in his desire to follow out what I had him to do. He was not sent to a people of unfamiliar speech--to the house of Israel he was sent. Much of what he spoke was not received. Much of what he said was not received, because they were not always pleasant words. And has always been this way. My words are not to be given, without them being sent out. My people have become hardened; as hardened as Israel was. They have their traditions and their ways of doing things. They have followed these ways of theirs for many years. Will they receive my servants when they come to them? Will they embrace the gifts that I have sent in them? church has become very lukewarm. I would rather that it would be either hot or cold.

My church is to be made ready for my return. It is to be made purified and holy. It is to be my bride. But much of her is foreign to me. Her wedding gown is no longer white, but it is stained. Her wedding gown is not a thing of purity. How can she regain that which she has lost? How can she show herself to be my beloved? She needs to listen to those who I send to her. She needs to receive them. I have a cup which I long to give unto her. It is a cup of my new covenant. It is the cup of my new wine for my body. Will she partake of it? I have the cup of my new covenant, and I have a cup which has other things in it. One is filled with my blessing, and one is mixed with the wrath of my anger. Will you partake of the one which will give you new growth in me? I pur it out on many who would receive it."

Stephen Hanson

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