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(Mother's Day)
May 10. 1998

"I am a God of the Spirit. I speak through the hearts and minds of people--I am enclosed within the heavens, and I take-up my abode in a man's or a woman's heart.

When men and women prophesy, they reach out and speak out of that place where my word is first spoken. In other words, it sounds in the heavens first, where I have spoken it first, then you pick it up, and speak it unto my people. Now...yes, this is normally done in the physical presence of my people in a church.

But I am a creative God, and I am always doing things in a new way...and so, the electric current of the internet can be a vehicle for transporting my messages from person to person. So there is a network, an electrifying current; for my Spirit is an electrifying current. The birds in a forest would warn each other of approaching danger. And my prophets, in this hour, would warn of approaching danger. So, listen for the warnings, the noises spoken in the midst of my forest, over this vehicle you call the internet.

Some is of my Spirit, and some is of their own making...It is not meant to be just a beautiful song to lull you to sleep. Did I not say that in the last days you would gather unto yourselves teachers that would tickle your ears?

So let it not be a tickling, but let it be the full counsel of God.


Stephen Hanson


May 23, 1998

"Over the past several years, I have spoken my word in various ways, and in many forms. It has often been in a general tone, for my truth is expressed in ways which are not always specific to some.

But now, I am doing a new thing--as I said to Isaiah, "Do you not see it, it springs forth?" So now...wait on Me, for I will tell you things which are very specific, and I will make it clear to you, what I want my people to be about.

My children, the times have been very wicked. Many of your schools are no longer a safe place for your children. Have I not said that in the last days, "The love of many would grow cold?" ...and so it has. This is just one of the many types of things which are happening in this world, and in this nation. Yes, you must pray for your children, but you also must pray for yourselves. Where have they learned this? And why is it happening? Why are you so surprised that these kinds of things are happening? Your children are left to their own devices.

Pray for your nation, and pray that the sickness does not spread. Remember that there was a cry heard in Ramah..."weeping and wailing for her children." I want my country, this nation, to be healthy. Thus would say the spirit of the Lord."


Stephen Hanson


May 25, 1998

"These days which you are all living in, is a time when knowledge has increased, and it has increased to a very rapid pace. Knowledge has "run to and fro" just as sin has.

In these days, technology has produced some amazing things, but it has not revolutionized your heart. For your knowledge of computers and the internet cannot save you. Just as the keys are punched on your keyboard, so knowledge is "keyed-in."

You have discovered the micro chip and cyberspace; you can clone animals and eventually, humans; and all kinds of communication are at your hands. Your discoveries and inventions will continue until I come back.

During the fall of 1999, just before the new year, 'new things will happen,' which will take you by surprise.

...For with all the accomplishments, all the discoveries, all the inventions, not a one of them will be with you for eternity. For there will be signs in heaven and on earth. This millenium, which you have long awaited, will begin as peace. For many things can be done by man--but this world is sick, and for this reason, I am coming back soon."


Stephen Hanson


May 30, 1998

"This old world has been spinning round and round for a long, long time. I have set it in its place in the heavens. For yes...I created all the heavens and the earth; and I made man a little lower than the angels. I endowed him with a spirit; I created him after my own image, but many of those whom I've created have gone their own way. They have followed after Baalam. Yes, there have always been scoffers, there have always been those who have disbelieved in me. Go ahead and consult the stars, and find your answers in the many books you read, or perhaps, one of the many psychics who have been published. I'm certain that they could tell you more than I. truth has been too worn-out and out-dated. Look to the hills, I'm certain that they could tell you nothing. And what about the forests, and streams, and rivers? You who love nature, seek your answers there.

Do you not know, have you not seen, have you not heard? It is I, even I, who reside in every heart and every place. You continue to go after your own gods. You seek all the "gods" of your own making. It has always been so, and it will continue. Am I a loving God? Why don't I come and change the way things are? I could come back at any time. You see...I love you so much, and that is why I'm waiting. Will you be ready?

As I've said, this world has been spinning around for a long, long time. What if you wake-up one day and find yourself alone?"


Stephen Hanson


June 13, 1998

"My church has gone through many changes. It has gone through the time of the Reformation, it has seen the great revivals of England and other countries, it has seen the great evangelists, and the time of the teachers, that came out of the 60's and 70's. And now, over the last 10 years or so, a great prophetic wave has come into the church. It has been ignored by some, it has become entertainment for others.

My church has needed revival in it for a long time. The traditions of man have taken over what my Spirit would bring. And yet, some of my body would ignore the things of my Spirit. They would say, 'I have no use for these things. That those things were for the time of Pentecost.'

My book, this word of mine, was not meant to be just a history book, but it is to be my living word. And yet...many have gone after these things as if they were "candy." You see, my food was meant to be a balanced diet. Not just the gifts of the Spirit and "candy," but the raw meat of my word.

So, how can my body come together as one? How can it partake of the things of my Spirit and the traditions of man? And how can it find substance in its knowledge of me and my word, by just eating "candy"?

My prophetic wave has come, and has swept over the land. Will my people be ready for me? Will they be able to hear the trumpets call, or will "candy" be their desire, and not my word?"


Stephen Hanson


May 16, 1998

"You who shepherd my flock, you who provide my word, and give refuge to my people--Listen, for I have given you a great responsibility. It is no small matter to be my leaders in my body.

Do you give them my word out of the heart of the Father? Do you preach or teach out of a desire to see them grow, or is it filthy gain for yourself? Is your desire to build-up your own kingdom? Do you want to see numbers of people flock to your church building?

I would say, that I am against you shepherds and church leaders. For you desire your own kingdoms, and you desire your own gain. Your heart is not my heart. I watch over my body, and I can remove any of my leaders who follow in the desires of their own hearts and not mine. I can remove your lampstand, and raise up another who would follow me."


Stephen Hanson



"My prophetic people are to unite with each other. This is not the time for the Lone Ranger--Those days are over with. They are all to be as one in Me. Each has something to give and to impart. For there is indeed, safety in numbers. When one of you falls, the other can lift him up.

For my Spirit is given without measure. Out of that storehouse of mine, my words are given. But do not think that they are for just "tickling the ears." My Spirit will give special insight to my prophets. I will lift the veil and they will see behind the wall. 'For without a vision, the people perish.'

At this present time, some in my church, have gone the wrong way--they want entertainment, and they want the spectacular. But my kingdom is not that way.

I am speaking through my prophets in this hour. They will give you the "keys" that you need. For it is truly said, 'that the sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.'

But do not forget, and remember, that I am the chief prophet. I am he who embraces all the five-fold ministries. It is by me, that every word comes forth. Every tongue has its origin in me. Every life is saved by me alone.

So to my body, be as one. Hear oh Israel, for the Lord thy God is one. And to you, my prophets, I would say, do not build your own kingdoms. It is not your kingdom you are building, but it is mine. I hold the "keys" to the kingdom. Only I can unlock the "secrets" of that kingdom. So, be as one, but realize who the head of my body is. Thus would say, the Spirit of the Lord."

Stephen Hanson

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