"There is a season in the life of my Body; there is a Spring, a Summer, a Fall, and a Winter. For lo, the Summer is past, and the trees have taken on a new color in me. If the Summer is past, how should my Body dress herself?

Would Summer clothes be sufficient? If we are told to consider the fig tree, behold, the fruit is ready, and I will begin to pluck it. Is there Summer fruit, or is there Winter, would say the Lord?

See, I am ready to dress my Body; I am sick of your three-ring circus. Produce fruit that will last.

You say, "Have I not healed the sick? Have I not cast out devils? Have I not prophesied in you name? Away from me, I never knew you.

Let your fruit be one of character; stop building your own kingdoms. Just as I took away some of those lampstands in the book of Revelation, so I can remove your gifts.

I will crush your fruit so that it will produce new wine. Don't think that I'm not in this business. As I asked Amos, so I am asking you, "What do you see, a basket of Summer fruit?"

Will you be barren, or will you be fruitful? I don't want my Body to be dressed in Winter clothes, but I want them to be ready for what lies ahead. Your clothes must be clean and not soiled.

So let your fruit be made ready so that you might produce the things that I want. Do you want to be a clanging cymbal, or take on my character?"


"I have been observing My Church ever since I made her. I brought her through the time of the early church fathers, and I made her more holy through the Reformation.

There have been movements and restoration times over the centuries, but what is happening to my Body now? There is bickering and back-biting as though there were toddlers in a playpen fighting over toys.

I see this everywhere. How are you to come unto maturity? How can you taste solid food when you are drinking milk? Grow up and act like my bride should. Be innocent as doves, but be wise in your thinking. How can you be salt in this world when you're fighting among yourselves?

You say, "I am a Baptist, I am a Nazarene, I am a Lutheran, a Methodist, a Pentecostal, a Charismatic, or an Independant, to name but a few."

What do you have in common? What do you have that can bring you closer together? Is my Body going to work together as one? You have all become "Islands unto yourselves."

Come together under my banner, otherwise, this world system will cause you to drift further and further apart. I am coming back for My Bride, and want her to be ready and dressed in white. Let me purify your garments, and get rid of the stains that your fighting has caused."

Stephen Hanson


"Would you be ready for my soon return? The farmer gathers his wheat into bundles in preparation for the harvest, and the animals gather their food for winter. Oh, my children, I have warned you.

A bird would send out its message to other birds in the forest; the sound of it would carry, and the melody would first of all, appear to be beautiful. But that sound that was once a beautiful sound, begins to echo throughout the forest--it strikes a chord of warning.

So these last days, I am warning my people. I am saying, "Stand up and be strong, for the battle is raging." You have heard of wars and rumors of wars. You have seen many false Christs arise. You have watched as the innocent have been slaughtered. So now, what are the times and seasons?

It has been said that this nation will come under attack -- that those neighbors to the south will rise-up. I tell you this; there is a conspiracy going on. You have heard of the league of nations, and you have heard of the new world order. This nation has fallen......

There are designs that are being done and made to exclude you. Be made ready, tribulation can come in many forms. A new order is coming. A new order of political order. The league of nations will bring these things about.

But you are not to worry about this, for I have a new plan. For the earth and everything in it will burn, and new heavens and a new earth will replace the old one. So be ye made ready, and have your lamps lit. For these are the days you've been watching for. Thus would say the spirit of the Lord."

Stephen Hanson


"This time that you are now living in is waning--the time is quickly approaching for My soon return. This time is the last generation that will be upon the face of this earth. It is a time when men will be handed over to their oppressors. It is not to be an easy time, for men's hearts have grown cold.

March, march, march, into battle; wage war against the enemy of your souls. For many of my churches have grown stale; they have become businesses. They have the outward structure; they have all the form of religion, but they have denied the power thereof. Oh, if they would search for me as for fine gold, or costly gems, then I would fill their empty houses. I would give them that eternal white stone. For their garments need to be white and made purified.

"Behold, and look at the fig tree, when its leaves become tender, then you know that summer is near." Even so, many of the events spoken of in Matthew 24 have taken place. Has my gospel been preached to the farthest reaches of the ends of the earth?

Have many false Christs arisen? Has the love of many grown cold? Have children disobeyed their parents as never before? Have men and women exchanged natural relations for one another? Do you think that you will not be tested?

Do you think that this is not a tribulation time for those who would come unto me to be made purified? For there have been wars and rumors of wars for some time now. Men's and women's hearts have feared for their lives because of a nuclear explosion.

But I would say, that that explosion has already happened. For sin has grown to such a great extent that it has caused radiation. For the signs are everywhere, and the disease has spread. It has malformed men and women's hearts. The only thing valuable for some is to seek their own ash heap. For you are all imprisoned by your own devises.

Come back to Me, and see if I will not make the stagnant pool clean again. Don't fashion for yourselves gods after your own hearts. For everything that you hold onto too tightly can become an idol.

So come before me, and worship me in spirit and in truth. Don't fill your churches with empty praises. Don't let your children and old be neglected. If you would follow simple guidelines for how I've shown you how to live, then this nuclear explosion wouldn't take precedence over this earth.

You can change the form that the atoms take, for I have set everything in order and in place. I have set the sun and its planets, and I've set an order to the law I've given. So, don't follow a star, but follow the one who created that star. Thus would say the only true and living God, the one who is soon to return and come back."

Stephen Hanson


"Those two trees are the trees that were planted at the beginning of time. The tree of life was for the life of man. The tree of life was for his immortality.

"The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was not to be eaten, for then came death. It was a physical and a spiritual death."

"This was paradise, and it was intended to last forever. But man fell, and there is need of another garden."

"In the beginning there were two trees, and now, there will be just one. The tree of life will bring healing. There are twelve crops of fruit for the twelve tribes of Israel--They ate manna in the wilderness, but now, they will be fed for evermore.

There were those rivers that joined in the garden in the beginning; but now...there is just the river of life that flows from my throne. Man no longer needs the tree of knowledge, 'for now he will know as he is fully known' (Herein lies what the Alphan and the Omega is--For the end is like the beginning, but the end completes it.) 'I have not come to do away with the law and the prophets, but to fulfill it.'"


Genesis 2:9-14,17

Revelation 22:1-2

Stephen Hanson


"My church was originally meant to be a rock, and to be built upon the foundation of the Son of God. But the foundation has become loose and fallen down; it has been crumbling down year after year.

Fancy buildings and organizational programs have replaced the original intent that I had for her. She has compromised herself with the world. Pastors will no longer be the leaders of my people, for I will rule my people with an iron sceptor.

I am against those shepherds who lord over their churches. The man I esteem is he who is humble and contrite in heart. Are you going to be ready for my coming? I'm not interested in titles or in who you are, for I look upon the inward appearance of the heart. For Saul wanted to rule over his kingdom but I chose a young lad from out of the fields. And it is the same today....and he was a man whose heart was after my father.

A new era is coming for my church though, it is a time for renewal and restoration. It is the time for the restoration of the prophet and the apostle. Did I not say that my church was to be built upon this foundation? How else can the building be brought to its framework?

I am breathing a breath of new life back into My Bride. But many cannot even see it or feel it. You see, it's because of how things have been done for so many years; but I am a creative God, and I do things in a new way.

Have I not said that the latter house will be greater than the former one? There needs to be new wine in new wineskins; the old will not work any longer, for the old container is falling apart; the old ways are no longer working.

Let me clean out the cup and give you the new wine, for the old wine has lost it's savor to me. If you are to partake of the marriage supper of the Lamb then you must learn how the wine tastes."

Stephen A. Hanson


"The spirit of division has come upon this nation--What was once a land of unity has now been replaced by the hand of brother against brother; sister against sister. A man's foes will be those of his own household. You are a nation that is in need of repair...You are a body who is in need of repair.

Even as the tower of Babel scattered many unto their own lands, so many of you have gone into their own lands. It is not the color of a man's skin that makes him a child of the King, but it is through the working of my Spirit. I see this everywhere--Your churches are not trully one in Me. Do you think that I will accept your gifts that you bring to Me?

First go to that one that you have a grievance against, then I will accept that which you bring to Me. In order for you to rise up against the things in this land you must be joined together with your brothers and sisters that come from many different cultures. For I have created each of you in you own way; male and female, black and white, young and old.

For in Me, there is neither Jew or Greek, male nor female, Scythian or slave. For I look onto the inward appearance of the heart, and not the color of a man's skin. I am doing a work in these last days; I desire that the walls of prejudice come down, I desire that the walls of tradition come down.

These walls must come down first before that wall of my Spirit is built. Then I will trully rejoice in my creation, and the races will show forth my glory. Let your world not be a tower of babel, but rather, work together as one man doing the work of ministry."

Stephen Hanson


"My truth is being poured out in this hour, not like as in former days. For have I not said that the latter house is greater then the former one? For you see, revelation builds itself upon itself.

The new wine is indeed being poured forth. Would we have the old wine still? For even as I changed the water into wine, this represented a change from the old to the new. But even as things are done that are great in my Spirit, men and women have not sought to put new wine into new wine skins. They would have the new things of my Spirit without changing their old ways.

But my Spirit would also flow into the very character and lives of my people. For ye have tasted of the new well that I have dug for you in the wilderness. This water is meant not to be a thing that would just bring my gifts to the church, but would be that hyssop that brings new life. For it must not only fill-up your cup, but it must also cleanse away to make you purified.

Many of those in my body have been building their lives on hay and stubble, but, as you can see, these things will burn. Oh, what a glorious day it will be when my children will become living stones that have the beauty that brings life to all.

So, let me fill-up your cups so that you might be a living sacrifice of what I want to do in this hour; living stones like unto my foundation that is built upon these twelve gems listed in Revelation. Oh, that you might sparkle and shine like that. Do you see my city rising-up?"


"My Body is not just a church; there are many stones that lie outside the building. The body needs to come together, and that is the reason there is a church. But a church is shown in many different ways. It may be meeting in one another's homes, it may be working with someone who needs help.

But we don't need all the pomp and circmstance. There are many who have their opinions of what a church is, but it is in coming together in My Name. For I would not be housed within a building, I would not be confined within the walls of your churches.

For Mine is a fitting together; a joining together; a setting together your living stones, so they can be placed, side by side, to form a building in Me."

Stephen A. Hanson


"This was once my beautiful city. I hollowed it out by My Hands. I gave unto it the name, "JERUSALEM."

Oh, how long I've wanted to gather you unto myself, but you would not listen. I sent you my word through the prophets--they told you what I wanted to give you.

All these years I've longed to give you my special place. For you are my chosen ones; but don't you know that I'm soon to return?

So put not your hope in this city, but seek that city whose walls have the names of the twelve tribes of Israel written on them. This is the city that is coming down whose builder is God. For the dwelling of God is with men."

Stephen Hanson