"What are the Signs for My Returning?"

1. An increase in wickedness

2. The love of many growing cold

3. Teachers that speak lies rather than the truth

4. Holding a form of godliness but denying the power thereof

5. Believers being divided on issues, and the church being severed because of this

6. The increase of cultic influences

7. The disappearance of family structure for many

These are the times we are living in--There are 7 remedies for these things:

1. Purity in the sight of God & man

2. Laying your life down for the brethren

3. Sound doctrine and a right study of My Word

4. Worshiping me in Spirit and in Truth

5. Coming into unity

6. Spreading the light of the Son of God in a dark world

7. Honoring and respecting one another



"What would I say in this hour? What would I speak or say that would make my people be ready for what lies ahead?"

These are the things that you must be willing to do:

1. Lay down your life for the brethren. (I John 3:16)

2. Be not compromising with the truth. (Don't water the word down) (Jas. 4:4), (Romans 12:2), and (Colossians 2:8.)

3. Rightly divide the word of truth. (II Timothy 2:15)

4. Stand in the gap for those who are in authority. (This means the political, as well as the religious leaders.) (Ezekiel 20:30)

5. Seek the Lord while he is near--Spend time with him. (Isaiah 55:6)

6. Enlarge your ears--Fine tune them so that you can hear that still small voice. (I Kiings 19:12)

7. See to it that no bitter roots spring-up among you. (Hebrews 12:15)

8. Buy oil in the fire that has been refined. (In other words, let me work on you.) (Malachi 3:2-3), (Zechariah 13:9), and (Isaiah 48:10)

9. Get your priorities in order--(God, family, work, and ministry) (Deuteronomy 6:59)

(Seek to let your whole body be a living sacrifice; this is your spiritual worship) (Romans 12:1)

10. Put on the whole armor of God so that you might stand against the wiles of the devil. (Ephesians 6:11). Know that it is a spiritual battle you are waging.

Stephen Hanson



"Would you say that I am a holy nation? Would you say that this land has produced fruit? Your streets are full of your blood; it flows from the center of this nation outward.

You see, My children are not playing in the streets; they have formed their own gangs, their own groups. I have not found you worthy in my sight.

You say that you are good, and that you are an advanced society. Has your great learning and technology taught you how to love? You clean the outside of the cup, but inside it is rotten. You think that a new reform is sweeping across this land. You think that a new political party will save this land.

But I'll tell you this, until you get on your knees, and seek me with your whole heart, things will not improve. You say that you don't want to hear doomsday anymore, but if a train is on the wrong track, and it's ready to go off a cliff, would you not want it to go the other way? You seek self-improvement courses; you seek your computers; you seek your psychics; and you seek your tarot cards and your channeling, but do you seek Me?

Your land has not changed--are you any different than Israel was? They sacrificed on every hill, and it continues. A cup of wine is mixed for you, and it has bitterness in its taste.

I have brought you my holy men. I have brought you pastors and teachers, and evangelists, but you have mocked them. I have sent you prophets, but you call them madmen. My Word has been given unto you, but you would not listen.

So, judgment is coming....The page is being turned. It can be turned back if you seek me with your whole heart. The field is ripe and ready to pluck; time is running out for you all, for my soon return to come back.

Will I find you ready and dressed? Will your clothes be white, or will you be in ashes? Thus would say the living Lord and God."

Stephen A. Hanson



"The vision that Daniel saw did refer to those four kingdoms that ruled upon the earth; and this little horn is coming, with signs and wonders. But do you think that anything boastful will stand upon that day?

For my army is coming, and you are not to fear, for I am greater than he. Out of that league of nations, he is coming. Who is he, you would ask? He is dressed as one would in the garb of kingly spendor, but he will not deceive all.

For his power will be great, and he will exercize authority over many who give in. Know that this time will not come until my saints are taken-up. For this is a time in the lives of you all, when my gospel has been taken to the far reaches of the earth.

It is not long, for there are just a few remaining things to be done. There are wars to be fought, and there are other false Christs to arise. But you are to remain firm until that day.

Take-up your swords for battle, for it is a time to wage war. This war that you are fighting, can take that prince off of his throne--that one who would exalt himself. My world will have a kingdom that is everlasting, and that king will reign with justice and love forever and ever, Amen. Thus would say, the spirit of the most high and holy Lord God."


"Oh, Israel has become a place of mourning. All day long, I call out to her, but she has become hardened. All of her foundations have now lost their security. Her walls that once were strong, have now become weak. Oh, if she had returned to me as in the days of old; but now, she lays there.

Once more, I will gather her up; I will bring her back to the land of her forefathers. For she is "my chosen one,"and I have promised to keep her.

For there is a place set aside in the rocks and clefts of the earth. For she will be saved out of that great tribulation. For they have been ordained to be set aside. My bride and My chosen, are all My people."

Stephen Hanson