"The river of life is the Spirit of my Son. That river flows on and on, down through the years. It cuts a channel in everyone's heart.

Let it flow through all the corners and ravines. My Son and I conduct the flow of that river. We see that it goes where it should in a believer's life.

The earth has been formed of many oceans and rivers, but the river of my Holy Spirit will never run dry. See to it that it is tapped daily. Let it be as a spring of life to all who would come unto it--a gushing water fountain that springs forth to fill-up a dry well, and to give nourishment.

For the soul can become parched and can dry-up very easily. I want the borders of it to have things planted beside it. I want there to be myrtle trees, and others of my making. There must not be a desert in my garden, but only ones that can be replenished and grow tall. This is My garden, let my Holy Spirit water it so it can be a beautiful place."


"For when you create you are giving glory back to Me, for I am a creator. I created the heavens and the earth, and I knit together man and woman, each in their own way, and in their individual parts. For I am also an artist.

You look upon the substance of things with your eyes and your senses, but I have created out of nothing and of the void. I have hollowed out a place inside of you, a creative center, where my inspiration flows and the sparks fly.

This is my plan, for in this way, you are showing forth the image of the creator, which I Am." For graven images are an example of creativity gone eschew."


"What can be said about a father? He is like one who has molded and shaped. For a father can alone build a nation, and he can train a child what is right or what is wrong. Just as a mighty oak tree, he can provide shade, and he provides protection from the storm.

For I am the Father of all men, and I have shaped these things into the hearts of men. I watch over all My little ones. For a father you have been unto yours, and a Father I have been to all of you."."


"Does a certain color represent me? For green would show how living things grow, white would show my holiness and purity, red would show the blood that I shed through My Son, Jesus Christ, gold would show my majesty, and purple, the robe that I wear in heaven, blue is the sky above, and shows the transparent sea which lies before my throne, black is the absence of me, for I have come to bring life and not death.

There are no grays with me, for you are either for me or against me. Every one of these colors shows forth my image. And so, let these colors be a reflection in your lives."

Stephen Hanson."."


"Be still before me, O you shepherds and leaders. The flock needs tending and care; there are bruised legs and arms that need repair. They have been out of sort because of lack of fellowship with me; they need my tender care.

For as a hen would gather her chicks unto herself, so I would say unto you, to be the same way unto them. For I am the Great Shepherd, and I don't want any unhealthy or hurting child of mine to go uncared for. The broken and the lame, I want them all to come unto Me.

For you were all once hurting and lost, and I gathered you up in my arms. I clothed you where there once was only nakedness, and I renewed you and I gave you strength. So let the whole fold come back unto me, and see if I will not give you the green pastures to feed you and nourish your souls. Thus would say the spirit of the Lord."."


"I would say unto you my people, that the vision I have for you is one of any army that I am preparing for battle. The battlefield is ready and on it stand the tents. They are pitched and ready, and they wait for me, would say the Lord.

They are my people willing to stand the siege of the enemy, and they will stand on that day, says the Lord. For they have been preparing for this thing for a long time. For in the days of Noah, when men and women were drinking and carousing, so will that day be; and I have seen it all, says the Lord. And I have prepared my bride to dress herself in the finest of garments, ones that are shimmering white, ones that are unsoiled.

This is my army I am making ready for battle. See to it that nothing is left undone for that day. For it will come, sayeth the Lord of Hosts by name, the one who stands at the door of your very souls knocking."."


"Consider how an eagle flies high upon a mountain. Its wings are bent, and it is made into an awesome machine. That is how I want my people to be, soaring high with me. But also know, that you have to wait upon me in order to fly.

For in waiting comes renewing of the heart and mind. I hold all of my holy ones in my hands, and I grasp them and help them to fly. So soar, soar high above the clouds. Get out of your nests and stretch your wings, and fly with me--that I can give you your places in my tabernacle which rests in me.

And as you soar with me, the mountains and the hills were not meant to harm you, for you are to rise above them."

Stephen A. Hanson."


(ISAIAH 5:1-2)

"So has it been for many of us; we have yielded bad fruit instead of good. For what farmer does not want a good crop? Be there as a planting of mine, would say the Lord; ones that would yield my desires and the fruits of my character--That is the garden of my delight. And my watchtower is there in the center tending my sons and daughters.

Let me help it yield its fruit in its time, for in due season we will reap if we faint not. This is the garden of my choosing; let me tend it as the Great Vinedresser. Let me nourish it from my word and give it its place of nourishment. Let it be a fruitful vine, one that is strong and ready. For my church is to be made ready. Thus would say the spirit of the Lord."."



"The people on the earth are like a garden that has not been tended. It has brought up thorns and briars instead of a fruitful place. Now look around, and what do you see?

There are all kinds of weeds and things that choke at the earth. This is not the garden that I have intended; I meant not this. So, let it be planted with my sons and daughters being fuitful. For that is the garden of my intention--Ones that would show their praise in their lips, and their lives showing my character; for my character has all the fruits of righteousness.

This garden is one that I have tended. Now let it grow with all the variety that it has in it, so that it can be made beautiful. This is the garden that has all the fragrances of mine; ones that smell like a rose and others that are yellow like unto a daffodill. Each and everyone has a distinct odor and fragrance from me.

So, see to it that you maintain that special place that you've been set in the ground. And let me tend each and every one of you. So that all of my plantings are nourished in my soil and have leaves that are green, and stems that are straight and are strong. This is my garden of delight, and I stand in the midst of it tending it."

Stephen A. Hanson."


"Today my shepherds and leaders have taken advantage of my sheep; they have used selfish gain and exploited them. They have ruled over them with an iron fist. I am against these shepherds.

My churches are full of this sort of thing--I never wanted this. They seek their own glory, and it will not last, 'for the flower fadeth and the grass withereth, but my word will last forever.'

A pastor, or a shepherd, is called to be a servant, and to lay down his life for the flock; if he does otherwise, I will take away his staff. For my sheep need green pastures, and they need to be fed with my word. Come unto me, all my sheep, and I will give you the green pastures and the fertile lands to dwell in. Thus would say the Chief Shepherd."

Reference: Ezekiel 34


"This is the season for waiting upon Me. Does not every man of God need to wait upon Me? It is a time to be prepared, and to wait.

The churches are full of people who go through the motions--They are like the fans of a windmill; they are caught by the wind and they move in unison--they don't break the routine. There are even prophecies that are spoken, but they lead the people in the same direction.

The river has run the same course for so many years, that now, a channel is dug. It is the channel of tradition and routine; it needs a fresh start; a new course set. It is like a broken record where the grooves have set-in.

How can new life and a new course be set? How can the garment of tradition be thrown off? Risks need to be taken, the salmon need to be allowed to swim upstream, and then lay their eggs to produce others; others who are willing to go against the tide. Then the river will take a new course, and its waters will flow outward to all."

Stephen Hanson."


"This nation has been one nation under Me at the time of its birth, but over the years it has made its own ways; it has formed its own morals. It has gone the way of Baalam, decay has taken over. The very leaders who once were the strong guiding force of this country are now the very center of corruption. The land is sick to the core.

Can it find its way out? Can rotteness be made clean again? A cancer grows, and it has grown to a great proportion. No healing can come except through my Spirit.

There are watchmen who have stood upon the walls, and it has been shown to them how other civilizations have fallen. This country and this people who once were proud to have a land that was called, "The land of the free and the home of the brave," has now become a place of captivity.

In the soon approaching years, governments will topple and new ones will spring-up; the slaying of the innocent will continue; prices will continue to soar, and the love of many will wax cold.

Can a nation that was once built upon the principles of the word of God remain? When they cry out "Peace and safety, sudden destruction will overtake them." Return to Me, and see if I will not heal this land.

It is not by programs, it is not by balancing the budget, but it is by caring for the young and old; by taking the time with each other to listen and be a friend to the lonely and wayward.

Swords and weapons will not be set aside; wars will continue, and many false rumors will be said about me. For have I not warned you about these things? Have I not said that they would happen?

Where the eagles fly, there will the carcass be found. What can be seen can only be found from above, so set your sights with me. Can a man or a woman see these things except they set their hearts and minds above this world? That is where you can find a new America.

For it will be born of the things that unite a nation and not tear it down. This is not a country that I want to fall, but one in which I want to be alive and thriving. Thus would say the spirit of the Lord."

Stephen Hanson