Jan. 30, 1999

Birds of prey--a carnivorous bird (such as a hawk or owl), that feeds wholly or chiefly, on meat by hunting. From this description, one can see that this type of bird's primary function, is one of hunting, and is carnivorous, or flesh-eating. It is important to realize that the enemy has emissaries which he is sending out in this hour, to attack and "devour" the servants of the Lord. We although, are not to be ignorant of his devices, and are to know that through reliance upon His Spirit, and the strength we can find in fellowship with others of like mind, "one little word will fell him."

"For our strength is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Eph. 6:12

"There is a fight in the heavenlies--it is a fight between the hosts of wickedness and my prophets.

If you would see an eagle flying high in the heavens above, you would see him on currents of my Spirit. You would see him, as occasional gusts of wind, carry him higher and higher. But there are new territories I AM bringing my eagles into; they are not always ones you have been familiar with. For there are distant lands and unfamiliar territory, I AM bringing many in this hour. There are birds of prey which can assault my eagles. Beware of carrion which feed on the meat of my servants. They wait to see what is in the storehouse. They are spies of the enemy--and they would come and rob the nests, and take the young. You each have your own territory to guard and watch over in your canyons, high in my Spirit. Watch over the young, for those are the ones which the enemy is looking to take. For these birds of prey work in groups; they are emissaries of the evil one, and because they work in groups, they can do greater harm. So, in this hour, I AM asking many of my prophets, my eagles, to stand guard over your nests. For you are responsible for those in which you are training. For they are the vulnerable ones now. They would soon "take to flight" and learn that which you have taught them. But I AM not just speaking to the young, because many of you are unaware of the enemy's tactics. Many in your solitary ways, have become blinded to these things. In you own "worlds," and in the areas of your own territories, there are blind areas to your vision. There is strength in numbers, and with a multitude of counselors, you can wage war.

So I AM asking you to study "his ways," so that you are not ignorant. My people suffer for lack of knowledge. Be not so consumed with seeking prophetic words, so that you are unaware of these things. You see...the carrion "swoops down," and deceptively attacks. He comes when you least expect him to. He does not come through the front door, but through the back. But one little word will "fell" him. The proclamation of my word will send him "reeling" back to his dark chambers. So, use the sword of my Spirit, and let it pierce the darkness. Train those who are younger, and learn the way of spiritual battle. And then the spiritual hosts of wickedness will fall, and they will run and flee, and my word will be triumphant over these other birds of the air."

Stephen Hanson


Jan. 27, 1999

The Lord showed me a couple of very orange-looking goldfish swimming around in a fish bowl. They were circling back and forth, in endless movements. Then it seemed that a larger fish was beginning to swallow one of them. Then the surrounding areas within the bowl of water changed. As if the bowl itself, were 3-dimensional. There were distant underwater trees of various hues of green, and the water color itself, was of a greenish color.

"Much of the activity I see in the church today, is much the same as it always has been. Much like what Solomon said, "Vanity, vanity," when I told him to write his wisdom. But I tell you, my people, there are new things under the sun. It is not just the endless spinning of this old earth, round and round. Just as a new rosebud would bud in the Spring, I say, there will be new things coming this Spring. Remember when the Berlin wall came crashing down? I say that there are walls greater than that which will come down! For the walls of tradition, which have stood for many years, will begin crashing down this year. For the work I employ, will bring this about. During this time, I AM looking for servants who would help bring this about. For surely, I have called you to speak to the walls of Jericho, "COME DOWN, COME DOWN, COME DOWN." Yes...there are places where this will not happen, and those places will be as empty tombs, and cold cathedrals. For my Spirit has longed to move and breathe upon your very walls. And if it were possible, those very stones would cry out. They would cry out and say, "Give us life here!" But I AM breathing, breathing upon you, to do this. WAKE-UP.....WAKE-UP, OH CHURCH."

The Lord then showed me cold, life-less bodies, grayish in tone, hard-like statues, laying down in a tomb. The floor was dark, and there was a mist across the floor.

"It is time to come out of slumber; out of your endless sleep. Who will go and wake these people up? I gave Isaiah a commission, and he said, "Here am I, send me." I AM sending you, will you do this thing for Me?"

Stephen Hanson


Jan. 23, 1999

I saw a picture of a man bent over, gathering many bundles in his arms. He was picking them up, one at a time, and he had several of these that he was holding next to his side. He was in a field, and at first, I thought that He was gathering-up bundles of grain or wheat, but I realized that this was something else. I asked the Lord, "What is this?" He replied, "I AM gathering quivers."

"To everyone of my servants has been given a quiver. These quivers have the gifts and the abilities which are uniquely, your own. But I AM taking every arrow, and I AM examining its tip, the shaft, and its feathers. For I want these arrows to hit the mark."

Then He showed me a section of the shaft. I was looking at it closely, inside its layers, and it was very discolored, shredded, and sick-looking. Again I asked, what this was, and He said that, "Many of your shafts have grown moldy and diseased."

"These diseases are ones which are caused by pride and arrogance. A quill when used to write with, needs to have a good stem, and the roots of trees, need to be strong and healthy, so that they can collect nutrients from the soil. In the same way, an arrow cannot fly right, if its shaft is bent. So, many of the prophetic words which oftentimes, are spoken, miss the mark. So.....I AM taking many of these quivers away from you, and I AM taking them into my workshop to straighten and fix them. Oh my servants, let Me perfect the gifts that are within you. I want your words to "fly right" and hit the target. But you need to look at your own motives as well. You are my representatives; and when you speak a word, it needs to be accurate. Then when you speak, your words will go as the wind goes. But it will be the wind of my Spirit, and not any other current. And then, your arrows will not fall short of their destination, and they will not do harm, but they will bring healing. Let Me take these arrows and refine them, and polish them."

Stephen Hanson


Jan 21, evening

"I would show you a container, a container that would hold my Spirit:"

I was shown a white pitcher which had a blue Currier and Ives-type design on it. It had a tapered lid and a handle on it.

"I would show you a light; a light that would shine in the darkness:"

I was shown a single candle which was set in an ornate brass holder. It was very ornate, and the flame was burning brightly.

"I will show you a scroll:"

I saw a piece of parchment, which was an umber or sienna color, and it was rolled-up on either end, and it had many writings on it.

"And I will show you what love is:"

I saw a baby, and there was a Jewish-type of a mother who was holding this baby in her arms. She was dressed very humbly, in a robe which was wrapped around her head, and her body. Then I saw the back of a man who had lacerations on it, and there were whips repeatedly being struck against it. Then I was shown Christ as he ascended into heaven, raising his hand and saying, "I give you all power on earth, and in heaven, in my name."

"In order to be a prophet, these things are important. For you need to have my Spirit within you. Your vessels must be filled with my Spirit. A pitcher would hold water in it, but my servants would hold my Spirit within them."

"The light has shown in the darkness, and it has not understood it. My servants need the light of my illumination. They need their eyes of their hearts opened-up, so that all the resources within them are exposed to that light. So that they can hold a lantern up; so that a lost generation can see."

"They need my words given unto them. The words that come directly from Me, and no one else. I have given unto each one, a different message. Every word which proceeds from Me, is finely tuned as a harp would play. Some are piercing and strong, some blow as a gentle breeze on a Summer's day, some are timely, and filled with wisdom, and some are like a warm cloak which is thrown over the shoulders of a stranger. I told Habakkuk to "Write the vision down, and make it plain on stone tablets, so that a herald might run with it."

"But as important as any of these are, this one is the most important. For my Son gave his life for this world, and endured the whip, and death on a cross. He ascended unto my right hand, and He gave gifts unto men. So I AM asking that you who would speak for Me, would do so in a spirit of love for everyone. To love from a pure heart. One that is not boastful or proud, but one that would rejoice when I would rejoice, and one that would weep when I would weep."

"Set those things as goals for you which to strive for. Then you will become like the words which I send out."

Stephen Hanson



Jan. 18, 1999

The Lord showed me a huge silver-edged sword which was coming down as if to slice and cut something.

"I AM not coming back with peace, but I AM coming back with a sword. And that sword will divide even between the members of your own household. This is a time to put all of your effort into following Me. You cannot love father or mother more, you cannot love sister or brother more, you cannot love son or daughter more. The time for true allegiance has began. The cost of discipleship means taking up your cross daily. You must be willing to die to ALL of your worldly pursuits. This will be a stripping-away process for many of you. For my sword will cut, and slice, and peel-back all of the layers. But in the process of what I AM doing, a new breed of people will be found.".......

The Lord then showed me an old wagon coming around the bend in a road. It was a wooded area, and as the wagon turned the corner towards me, I saw that it was pulled by 2-3 workhorses. It seemed to be a group of people like the pioneers who first settled in the Western United States.

......."A people who will follow my lead, no matter where I will take them. These people do not follow the crowd--their reward is in doing my will. Many years have they been in training. Many things have brought them to this place in Me. I AM calling for a new breed of people in this hour. I AM calling you across the Jordan River, and into your Promised Land. As I have said unto Joshua, "Be strong, and very courageous." As this new breed of people sets-up camp, survey the surrounding countryside. All of this land belongs to you. Go in to obtain your inheritance. Stake-out the land, and clear the area. Find your sustenance only with Me. Return, return, return, to the place where your forefathers found Me. For in quietness and strength will you be found in Me. Remember those who have gone before you, and how I led them to their Promised Lands. Do you have your packs and gear ready for this journey? Hitch-up your wagons and get ready, for this pioneering spirit is about to spread. Come into your inheritance, my people. For I have ordained you in this hour to take back what is rightfully yours."

Stephen Hanson


Jan. 16, 1999

"Now, faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. In looking beyond what you do not see, there would appear to be a mist. But I would say, that there are promises waiting beyond what you cannot see. If a person would be on a high mountain, you would be able to survey the surrounding area---you could discern distant hills, roads, and perhaps cities. From this vantage point, you could see things that you normally would not be able to. And consider for a moment, using a telescope: If a man would use a telescope out at sea, he would see the approach of incoming ships. Or if you were in a tunnel, without knowing what is in front of you, you would use a flashlight so that you could "see." My flashlight is the Holy Spirit, for it will "light" the way.

You see...with something like a telescope, one can see further. Or at great heights, there is greater "seeing." And in the dark, one needs a "light" to see what is ahead. But all of these things are limited, for they allow you to "see" only a little further. For there are limitations for the distances which you can "see." When I asked Peter to get out of the boat and walk towards Me, this was an act of faith. And the feeding of my people with manna every morning---this was a belief in the provision, that I would take care of them. For I fed them with bread and quail several days, months, and years. And what about the widow who gave Elijah the rest of her resources to make bread? The oil and the bread did not run dry. "And the oil I give, will not run dry." My faith is a gift that I give "freely." But it must be exercised and used, like anything else. Believe Me when I say, that this year will bring a fulfillment of what I want to do for my body. But you need to believe Me, and know that I will make a way; a way that you cannot "see" right now. I have given unto some what is forthcoming, but they can only "see" what I allow them to "see." My word is a lamp unto your feet, and so, your vision is limited. Put into practice my FAITH. Believe beyond your own eyes. As you work together as one body, then you will "see" further. For the eye cannot say to the ear, "I have no need of you." So you all have "limited vision." I will show you the horizon; for there are many things coming, but remember that it is a CORPORATE VISION. And remember that FAITH is believing when you do not see. Many have said that, "Seeing is believing," but I say that, "Believing is seeing."

Stephen Hanson


Jan 10, 1999

"There are many in my body today who struggle with what my church is. I have said before, that it is not a building. It is however, when my body has come together to work together for my purposes. Have not I said, "That you should weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice?" When you are there to lift-up someone who is hurting, or is struggling with something, then you are fulfilling my commandments. Not my commandments in terms of "Do not do this, or do that," but you are fulfilling what I have said about "Laying your lives down for the brethren." So...what is church? Each of you, when you come together, has a hymn, or a song, or a teaching. You are there together to encourage each other, to hear my word, and to manifest the gifts I've given unto each of you.

But I've called you to be there when I've called you to do something else. It is not just about playing church on Sunday. There are many people out there who need to hear about Me. You need to go there, wherever I AM sending you. CHURCH IS NOT JUST ON SUNDAY. I am going to "shake" the motives of my people. I AM going to see if they are going to put into practice what they have heard from the pulpits. The kingdom of God is more than just knowing and hearing the word of God. My kingdom becomes manifested in your lives, when it becomes "doing" in your everyday lives. Be not restricted to the walls of a building, but be willing to go out into your communities to visit the orphans, the homeless, the hopeless--- yes...even your parents, and members of your own families. You remember when I talked about the man who built his house upon the rock? You must build your homes upon my rock, so that the winds of adversity will not blow it over. Oh yes...there are winds which are coming into ALL of your lives. But if you stay close to Me, close to shore, then you will be in the center of the hurricane. Then you will be in safe habitations. Then the stakes that you have to hold your tent down, will not be moved. The wind bloweth where it will, and no one has known the origin of it. So you do not know when trouble will come knocking at your door. But I say, that they will not ALL come in and dine with you. So I say, that I AM shaking the members of my body. I AM seeing what you are truly made of. But I AM also seeing if you are willing to follow Me wherever I would have you go. Understand what my body, and what my church are. Stay in close fellowship with each other, but be willing to go beyond the walls of a building."

Stephen Hanson


Jan 9, 1999

"You have heard it said, "That you shall know them by their fruits." But I say, "You shall know them by their roots." The fruits that a tree bears are indicative of the maturity of that tree. There are many blossoms and fruits that come from various trees. In an orchard there are many types of fruit trees. A skilled farmer will pull-back and trim the branches; for there are branches which oftentimes, are rotten. In the same way, my people have grown rotten in certain areas of their lives. There are fruits that you bear in areas such as kindness and love, but then there are other areas that are lacking. There may be a small fruit which is beginning to manifest. It is very small now, but in time, it will grow and be luxurious. Many have need of patience---the endurance that comes from waiting upon Me. For when you begin to manifest ALL of the fruits found in Galatians 5:22-23, then your tree will be full, and will be more balanced."

The Lord showed me the edge of a cliff, and it was a cross-section of the earth. There were many roots which had become part of the ground, and they went off in many directions in it.

"Consider for a moment, how a tree in a forest grows: The reason that many of these trees have grown so tall is because of their root system. Some have grown in soil which is difficult---you see their roots even exposed. For the very ground in which they grow, has caused them to be bent, or to grow in a certain direction. Over the many years, they have been there; and they have stood there as a sentinel for time. Others have grown with others in the midst of a forest. Some are smaller, and have stood under the shade of much taller ones."

Listen my people, to what this means:

"You have been planted in a certain place for a reason. The surroundings in which you have grown-up are important for the nurturing of your lives in Me. But know that you need to sink your roots deep down into the soil of my word. You need to collect the nutrients that are found there. And then when your roots are spread deeply in the soil of my word, then you begin to see that those other fruits will begin to be manifested in your lives. Sink deep into the soil of my word---study it, and draw upon it. Then no wind of adversity will topple-over your tree, and you will grow tall and strong."

Stephen Hanson