Jan. 3, 1999

"You may have heard in a song, some time ago, 'THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING.' For I would say, the times truly are changing. There have always been times and seasons in this life---there has always been a Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. This world has continued to spin and pour forth its speech. Nations have risen, and nations have fallen. Men and women have given in marriage, and a young baby has been born, and an old man has lived out his years. You can see the signs in the world in which you live. You have seen the political unrest, you have seen the sign of earthquakes, and the devastation that is caused by a hurricane. You have seen wars come and go, and the restlessness which is so prevalent. You see these things in the natural, but can you discern the Spirit? There have been many movements which have come upon my church. My time is soon at hand---I am about to wrap-up everything; to bring to completion everything. I do not measure time as you do, for in eternity I dwell, and in ages past, I have always been. I have endowed man with a spirit, and a mind in which he can think, and ponder over his affairs. I dwell within the hearts of every man and woman, and I say to any who would come to Me, 'Come and enter in, and I will have fellowship with you.' I told my servant Isaiah that I was in the midst of a vineyard. That I stood in the midst of that vineyard. I looked for grapes which would yield a good harvest, but much of what I found was sour. I have been sending the new wine of my Spirit into the church. I want to know what you are doing with that new wine. Is it a temporary manifestation of my Spirit, or is it reaching down into the very fiber of your lives? I want to crush the grapes so that they would yield more. I want there to be a vine which is spread throughout my entire body, and it would give forth the aroma, the pleasant aroma, of the many aspects of my character. just as you would see a beautiful garden in this earth, producing the rarest form of fruits, and the delicate aroma of a fine herb, the fine ripeness of a vine-ripe tomato. These are the aspects I want to produce in your lives, and then my anointing will have produced a fine character. Let Me work deep within your lives. Let Me trim and prune your branches, and then surely, a great harvest will come. A harvest of my people producing the fruits of my garden."

Stephen Hanson


Jan. 1, 1999

"So...the New Year has started. It has begun, and with it, a New Year is ushered in. What are the things you will find yourselves doing? Will your activity be something of just running to and fro? If you would follow it, there is a pathway which will lead out---it will lead out unto new beginnings. For surely, there are new beginnings for my people in this year. This pathway will provide you with my direction, and the plan that I have for each of you. Stay on it, and do not veer off of it. There are many other pilgrims on this road. Join with them in following Me. For day will turn unto night, and day unto night again. When it does, continue on. Walk unto this road, for it is my word unfolding. My word is filled with promises and warnings, and you will find these promises and warnings on this road. Surely, I stand with you at the entrance of this road, with all of the promises and blessings I can bestow. As a Father with outstretched arms, I open wide my arms. I open wide my arms; I open wide the many things I want to give you, the many gifts of my Spirit, and countless blessings. I stand here with a scepter in my hand---it is the scepter with which I will rule the nations. But that same scepter I am bestowing upon my church. For I want her to come into a true government. Not a government of this world, but a government which will instill my justice. A justice not only for the poor and the broken-hearted, but a justice which will work amongst the members of my body; establishing them in their ministries, and helping them, and uplifting them. A place where a pastor, a prophet, an evangelist, a teacher, and an apostle, can join hands together. Where the building of my body is strengthened through the union of these ministries. This will be the culmination of my plan, for surely, I want my body to come unto maturity. So, come unto Me on this road; come unto the things I have for you. A new day is dawning for my church. A temple is not built with human hands, but with each stone that you bring. Here, I cause this temple to rise to its full potential. And so...let there be a striving after this building, so that every stone and timber is employed, and then my church will stand and will be strong."

Stephen Hanson


Dec. 31, 1998

"What kind of changes will you make in this New Year? There are many changes that people make for New Year's resolutions: There are changes in one's diet; there are changes in one's attitude. There are many decisions made concerning earthly affairs. Many of my people are not heavenly-minded--they are earthly minded. You are still concerned about your own affairs--what you should eat, and what you should drink. Is not the world of my Spirit concerned with the things of my Spirit? Have not I said that I have clothed the flowers of the field more beautifully than Solomon? Have not I said that I will meet your every need? those things that are above; those things which are at my throne. So...what kind of New Year's resolutions are you going to make? Will they be ones of a lasting nature? Are your desires my desires? Do you desire to be clothed in my righteousness alone? I want my body to be clothed in my clothing.

And now...concerning the year of 1999. I have said that it will be a time of refining. I have said that it will be a time of being found in safe habitations. I have said that many will come out of the wilderness--there are wildernesses of my own making. But I would say, that there are many other things which are forthcoming in this New Year. Never before will it be important, as it will be, for standing-up for what you believe. There will be persecution of my people like never before. You will see these things in the Spirit, but I tell you, I will not prevent everything, for there is a war going on. The enemy will attempt to do everything he can. He will attempt to decieve even the elect. But he will not prevail, for I have given you the necessary warfare for which to fight. He will not overcome, but you will overcome him. For he knows that my power has defeated him. So, let this be a year in which you are found ready; ready for the New Year, and ready for what is to come. What will your New Year's resolution be?

Stephen Hanson


Christmas morning,
Dec. 25, 1998

"Truly, truly I say unto you---I entered this life through the birth of a child. At this time of the year, you celebrate my birth. You hear about the story about the babe who was wrapped in swaddling clothes, and that lay in a manger. You hear about the wise men who came from afar, bearing gifts. You know the story well because it has been repeated year after year. You all have made this part of your Christmas tradition. And rightly so...for I AM more than tinsel and wrapping paper. But if you have known about my birth, and heard about it repeatedly, are not there more things to know? For in the midst of this season, and this time of the year, it is important to remember that that baby born in a manger, was the same baby who died on a cross for you. And that baby was resurrected unto new life. He miraculously rose from that grave. And yet, in spite of all of this, many people just focus on one part of my life. They do not look at the whole, and they do not look at the big picture. If I AM the Alpha and the Omega, if I AM the beginning and the end, if I AM the first and the last, then I dwell at all times. That in the beginning, when the world was created, that I saw the fall of man, and I knew that there needed to be a provision made for him. I knew that he would be despised and rejected, and that they would mock him as he was there at Calvary. But I also knew that He would be raised from the dead, and many would believe in Him through his resurrection. But even at the beginning, I knew that there would be a Second Coming. Even in the manger, I knew that there lay a King. this time of the year, do you see this baby as the soon and coming King? Do you see his robe dipped in blood? Do you see a sharp, two-edged sword coming out of his mouth? Do you see his name written on him, "KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS?" For He is soon to return; that rider on the white horse. And He is coming back to redeem this earth. Get an eternal perspective, my people...see the whole picture. I have many things in store for my bride in this coming year. I AM equipping you to make ready my coming. In the coming Spring and Summer, many will have reached a turning point in their lives with Me. There will be no turning back! For I AM asking that you walk as I walked. The same spirit that rose my Son from the grave resides in you, and greater things will you be doing because my Son has come to Me. Be about my business, for I AM looking intently at my church. Remember to have an eternal perspective---then you will have a clearer picture of what I AM doing."

Stephen Hanson


Dec. 23, 1998

"I asked Peter, "Who do you say that I AM?" And he said, "the Christ, the son of the living God." Many thought that I was Elijah, or one of the prophets. They were looking for someone else. Over the course of the centuries, men have made Me out to be someone else. They have seen Me as a great teacher, or healer, or prophet. So I ask the question again---"Who do you say that I AM?" If you truly know who I AM, then you will know who I AM in you. I have called many in this hour to do certain things for Me. I have asked you to lift-up the broken-hearted, and to be a light to those around you. And if you truly know who I AM, then the works you do, will be pure in motive and thought. Again...I have called you to different ministries and offices, but in order for Me to be all that I AM in you, you must lose everything. Unless a seed falls into the ground and dies, it will not produce. You must be willing to lose your lives in Me. You must be willing to lose your titles in Me. If you are willing to do these things, if you are willing even to forsake your own life, then you will gain everything in Me. Then you will be ALL that I've called you to be. Then you will not be this or that, but you will just be more of Me. I do not want you to give up your ministries, or your gifts, but I do want you to take on my identity. Exalt my name, and then, you will know who you really are. You see...I humbled myself, even taking on the form of a servant, and became obedient unto death---even the death on a cross. And I did these things, so that you might be sons and daughters of the living God. So that you might know who you are in Me.

All creation waits for the revealing of the sons of God. In futility, this earth has been subjected. And all creation has been waiting for the adoption of my sons and daughters. If you truly will know Me, then you will know who you are in Me. Then, the gates of hell will not prevail, because you have built upon the solid rock. Come to know Me as I truly am. I know each and everyone of you by name, and I know your heart's desire. When you begin to truly know Me as I AM, then your desires will become my desires, your words will become my words, your works will become my works, and your love will become magnified beyond your wildest dreams. So again, I ask the question, "Who do you say that I AM?"

Stephen Hanson


Dec. 20, 1998

"After the course of sometime, the Winter will have passed. love, it is the time of Spring time--the flowers are in the fields, and the trees are blooming. It is the time of the bridegroom waiting for his bride. the coming Spring, I am calling unto my bride, I am calling, "Come out of dormancy." For I have been preparing you for the hour which awaits. You will spring to new life in Me. All creation waits for the final adoption of the sons of God. Earth has been in travail, and you have been in travail. But as this time approaches, know that it is not a race.

I will tell you a parable:

There was once a young stallion
who would run and compete.
He won many races because
he was swift of foot. There
was also another horse, who
was part of a team. From
dawn till dusk, he
would pull a wagon for
his Master. No one but
his Master saw what he was
doing. Meanwhile...the other
young stallion, would win a race,
year after year. The crowd
would applaud, and give him
praise. Which of these two horses
has followed their Master's
request? I tell you, that the one
who seeks no reward except for
pulling his Master's wagon.
Surely, his reward is to do
the will of Him that he works for.

I will tell you the meaning of this:

Many have tried to attract the crowds. They have gone to race after race. They have sought the spectacular. They have done great things in my name. This is not what I wanted. I have asked you to exalt the name of Jesus, and not yourselves. Learn a lesson from the horse who pulls my wagon. He is yoked with others who are also yoked with Me. Would you be one who would be willing to pull his Master's wagon? For you see, this horse learned the meaning of danger, and of endurance. For many of the roads which led his Master's wagon, were filled with surprise. But beside all of these rugged ways, there were living waters, and templed hills. The race is not to the swift, but to those who do the will of the Father."

Stephen Hanson


Dec. 19, 1998

"An unquenchable fire is coming. The fires are coming--fires of my purging. There are fires that are designed to bring refinement to my body."


A saw a single candle which was set into the top of a mountain. It was lit, and the world around it was dark and gray. Then, from above, I followed the mountain down its slope, and saw that the terrain sloped of into other smaller hills, and that the terrain was very rugged. Then, the scene changed, and the top of the mountain seemed to erupt. Lava, and mud was pouring down its side in continuous streams, and the sky above was dark and without any stars in it.

"And then...thick darkness will cover the earth, and the stars will give out their glory. Who can stand on that day when I return? Listen...many of the flames that I see, of the hearts of my people, have gone dim. I have said to let your light shine before men. And that you are not to hide it, but to let the whole world see it. And because many of your lights have grown dim, I am sending a fire to create a greater flame within you. You have heard of the refiner's fire, and the furnace I use to perfect my people? Well...the fire is going to get much hotter. You have been told about many things you will be doing in this coming year. Yes...there will be greater anointings. Yes...your places in my body will be formed more intactly. will work together more to accomplish things for my kingdom. And will know and see what is false, and those who have spoken presumably in my name will be extracted. But I am saying, that with all of this, comes a greater refining--that with the release of my anointings, comes the greater need of testing your hearts. Are you ready for Me to turn-up the heat? Are you ready for Me to show you your hearts? This year coming-up, will be a time of great sifting and testing.


I saw a gray mist. And through it, a dark-clad army approaching. They were the army of the enemy. They had many implements of destruction--spears, and hooks, and various other things. Then, I saw hands reaching up to the top of the mountain, where the candle flame was. A person was attempting to blow-out the candle flame. Then the scene faded.

"The enemy is coming with his army. He is planning an assault, but he will be unable to defile you. Stand your ground, and the fiery darts will not penetrate your armor. And then, my army will go into battle, and they will defeat the foe. And a new day will dawn. Let the purifying fires come!"

Stephen Hanson



December 8, evening, 1998

"The stone was rolled away from my tomb, and my disciples and others came to know that I had been raised to new life. I would say, that it is time for the stone to roll away the many dead areas of lives. For there is moss and decay growing over the tomb area. For many of my people are entombed. You're there in your chambers. You can't even see the light of day. Don't you know that you are to be raised with me? Let my Spirit breath on many of you. As I said unto Lazarus, I say unto you--"COME FORTH." Come into the light my glorious children. For too long have you been held captive here. Your dwellings are not meant to be in places like these.


I saw a dark chamber made of stone. But I saw several shafts of light coming into this room. There were many wads of clothes spread around the stone floor. And then, I saw many old, ancient steps, and there were many people walking up them. The walls were of an ancient stone also. There was a very bright light at the top of the stairs, and this light filled the top of this stairway. The steps as they went higher, were cleaner, because they were "swept clean." And then there was another staircase, and it went up into heaven itself. And there were angels heralding from side to side. And I knew that I had come up into the throne room of God.

Oh my people, come up out of these prisions; for you are to shine as the stars in the heavens. Oh my people...I have told you that there are many mansions in my Father's house. I am not only preparing these places for you, but I am giving you holy places to live within now. For I have said that I would set your borders with rubies and saphires. Precious stones and gems beyond your wildest imaginings. Consider for a moment...the raging ocean and the I have clothed it. See how beautifully it is clothed? If I can clothe nature in such beauty and eloquence, can't I give you much more beautiful places? Can not I clothe your spirits? Come into the light, and leave your chambers behind, for you were not meant to reside in places such as these. Walk into the light, as I am in the light."

Stephen Hanson