Dec. 5, 1998

"Examine yourselves during this time of the year. If you would think of a scientist in a laboratory, many of the things he looks at, can only be looked at, can only be examined, under the lens of this instrument. And you need to look at those things in yourselves. What may appear to be minute, can prove to be a growth. There are many diseases and viruses in the world today, and man has been coming to the frontier of new discoveries. Many know and have heard of these things. Eboli can totally take over a person's body and can rob a person of its natural defenses. And we all know how the AIDS epidemic has destroyed many people.

But I would say, if you would look inward, you would find that there are many things that are lying there. For unfulfilled desires can oftentimes lead to bitterness. Fear, and anger, and slander--these things reside in many of my servants. In a furnace there is great heat, and this great heat is used in forging metal. If you would consider that many things are brought to the surface at extremely high temperatures--the dross from silver is removed, and many impurities are then seen. So it is in your spirits; these things are brought to the surface. Acknowledge that they are there, and let Me, through the use of the Holy Spirit, extract them. I am the Great Physician, and the skill that I have, can probe into the deepest spot or blemish.

During this season, let Me do this work. Your hearts are open before Me, and I see everything. Let Me do the work at this time. Let Me use my instruments, and rid the body of these things. Then you will be ready for the things which are coming. Otherwise, you will be limping into battle, and the enemy will have taken advantage of these things. I have said, that "To everything there is a season." This is a season for Me to rid many of you of these things. The next season involves the authority I have given unto you. Each season is dependent upon the other one. You see this in nature, with the budding of new growth, to the display of its leaves in Summer, to the shedding of these things in Fall, to the final death and rejuvenation of these things again during Winter. So...let Me work with you during this time, and purify you."

Stephen Hanson


Nov., 28, 1998

"If you would consider a building, you would need pillars that would support it. Many of you in my body are supporting pillars. For without you, the rest of the structure could not go higher. You know how I am the Chief Cornerstone, how I was the stone that the builders rejected. There are supporting structures that are necessary--you will look at any building, and you will see this. There are many in my body who want to adorn the building. They think that a fancy building is something beautiful to behold. They are showy, and display an aspect of desiring to be seen. Aren't those who minister, ministering unto Me? Is not the purpose to draw all men unto Me? And yet some are drawing them unto themselves. Now a pillar again, is very necessary to the building. It helps hold-up the rest of the structure. There are many in the body today, who help hold-up the rest of it. Without you, the efforts of my kingdom would not happen; for you are foundational in your ministries. I am going to do some new things in 1999, and one of those things is that I am going to get rid of the one man show. I told Amos to look at a basket of fruit, and the fruit I see has become spoiled. And yet, in spite of the fact that I've poured forth my Spirit in an increasing way, I see grapes which have turned sour. For many have chosen exaltation in themselves, as seen in display of their ministries before Me. The gifts I give are not for the individual, but they are for the building-up of my body. And so...this structure which is my body, has built with things other than what I have planned for. I have said that a man must consider how he builds. I see many that are building with their own filthy rags. My fire will reveal what you have built with, whether it be hay or stubble, costly gems, or a heart which has produced a beautiful character. And so... I'm asking many in the ministry today, "What are you building with?" And I am saying to those pillars, "Be a strong support for the rest of the building. Remain strong and secure, for my entire building must be.""

Stephen Hanson


Nov. 26, 1998

"Have you heard about how angels have been entertained unawares? I tell you, you do not know the influence of much that is going on. You do not know the protection I have given in the form of these angelic beings. If your eyes were opened to see what happens in that realm, then you would know and understand much of what is happening today. For indeed, there is a war that continues in the heavenly realm. When Elisha's servant was allowed to see into that realm, then he knew that the host of heaven would win. So my church, know that my armies of heaven are fighting a battle. Know that there is a massive attack by the hosts of wickedness. He desires dominion, and the strategies and schemes that he is using, are ones in which he desires to foil the plans I have for my apostolic and prophetic order. You know how the serpent spoke lies in the beginning in my garden. His lies continue, and much havoc has been wrought by the spreading of these lies.

And these are some of the lies:

1. One of the lies is that you must have entertainment in the church. This has caused many to go after the spectacular. The spectacular has to do with a circus-like mentality. Then this becomes something of showmanship.

2. Another thing is that the word has been diluted. Many have tried to change the "truth" of the word.

3. Another lie is that you must continue in your "works" in order to be saved. You are saved by believing in Me. Yet I desire a people who will do "good works" for Me. Eph. 2:9--"Not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

4. Another lie is that some think they are better than others. Because of the gifts of the Spirit and ministries, some have become elevated in their own minds.

5. Another lie is one of isolation. By separating yourself from the body, then you become "off-balanced."

6. These lies add up to six. The sixth lie has to do with world dominion. Some think that a new order will replace the old one. That the power given to them, will cause them to have dominion.

I tell you that my kingdom will be a kingdom of my peace and order. The doors of my kingdom will always remain open. Nothing unclean or foul, will be allowed to enter in. Be wise to the schemes of the enemy. Know that greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. Know that the battle will be won. In the meantime, keep ALL of your armor on. Intercede for those in need. Train yourselves for battle, and know that the weapons you use are not carnal, but they are spiritual, and they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. The enemy of your souls knows that his time is not long. So his plans are to divide you. If you know that this is his desire, and you make every attempt to keep the bond of peace, and pray for unity, then the battle is yours. So my body, my church, be wise to these schemes of his. Then you will be established, and the plans I have for you will not be thwarted. Be ready for what is to come. For surely, I will bring my church into the things I desire for her."

Stephen Hanson


Nov. 18, 1998

"Look for new things in the next year--an increase in my anointing, and an increase in my power. Would you wonder at this? For my power will increase and your ability to hear my voice will be increased. There is a place, a spark, a center, from which I speak, and out of this place inside, I pour forth my speech. And out from that place within you, I want to unfold more of my truth. I have created a receiver within each of my servants. Consider a radio, for it has a tuner which you can hear various stations; they run the full gamut of possibilities. You can pick what you want to listen to. With my voice, it is a still small one. Be sure that you have it properly "tuned-in." I intend to turn up the volume. Be sure you listen for Me, for I will speak louder . There are many voices in this world; they would come and vie for your listening, but use the receiver that I've given to you. Have I not said that, "When the Spirit of Truth comes, He will speak of things to come?" I tell you, He has been telling you these things. You will not only see an increase in my power and anointing, but you will see how some come into my corporate body. What do I mean by this? I mean that you will see how much you need each other. For the times of doing great things by yourselves is over. Yes, you each have your own individual things to do. But you are not "islands unto yourselves." When you are sent with a word to a church or an individual, do you not need the other brother to listen to you? Is there not a relationship needed between the giver and the receiver? Oh, you might say, "They might not listen!" This is true, but there are still ears who would have received. You all need each other's impute, from a pastor to his congregation, from a giver of mercy, to the one who is in need.

So, when I am increasing my power and my anointing, know that it is for the purpose of being dependent not only upon Me, but on each other. Listen for my voice, for it will guide you into ALL things. Listen...for I will speak, and guide, and comfort."

Stephen Hanson


Nov. 14, 1998

The Lord showed me an old decaying tree with withered branches, and He said that this represented the old religious system. And then the tree was taken out of the gound, and I was looking at it from its base, seeing it as it extended outwardly at this angle. Then He said, "Look at the roots, for there aren't any."

And then I will show you a beautiful tree. This tree is my body coming into full display. For a tender branch came out of the ground, and it gave forth new growth. And I watered it and gave it nutrients. And I gave it sunlight, and it became taller. Soon its branch became stronger. It put forth new growth in many directions. It became a beautiful thing to behold. Soon men were hacking at it, and then, the enemy came and attacked it. But the tree became even stronger, and many newer branches were formed. I tell you, my prophets and apostles represent my growth. My children, you have been hacked at, and the enemy has attempted to distract you. But you are a necessary part of this tree. There are some who would say, "You are not part of this tree." But I tell you, that I have intentions for the development of this tree. It is a unique one, and one in which its branches can go in many directions. So do not fear or be dismayed, for this tree will develop as I purpose it. And then you will behold the old decaying tree, and you will see that the newer one grows over it; it provides nutrients for its soil. Soon there were found nests in this newer tree, and eggs giving birth. There will be new things, and new birth coming forth. And behold, a strange and beautiful thing--out of these eggs will come forth new plants; for they are birthed in the branches of this tree. Behold and look upon my body. It has grown tall and spread in many directions. It has become a place of refuge for the weak and weary, and its branches extend a canopy over it; and then its fruit will bring forth many things. This is my body--my beautiful body."

Stephen Hanson


Nov. 10, 1998

"The King is coming. The King is coming. This King is coming back soon. His vestments are of gold and red. I am coming back, and with vengence, I will do what I've come to do. Earthly kings and rulers have no resemblance to this King. You know my name, "The Ancient of Days," The Bright and Morning Star." A kingdom is coming, the kingdom of the only begotten son. My kingdom will be the kingdom of men. For men will be united under my banner. It will be a time of peace for all mankind. For wars and the rumors of wars, will have ended. For kingdoms of this earth last for only a short time, but my kingdom will last forever.

My church, do not look at temporal things, for the grass withereth and the flower fadeth away, but the word of the Lord will forever stand. Look beyond the things which are coming. Seek that city whose walls are the city of God. And then you will stand with Me on that day, and the memory of what was before, will not come to mind. Know that a time is coming when sorrows will have ended. Former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind, but new things will be forthcoming. I tell you , that these new things are already coming. I know the beginning and the end, for I AM the Alpha and the Omega. I dwell in eternity, and you too will dwell with Me. Everything is racing towards the final hour upon this earth. But that is not the end--that is only the beginning. Yes...there will be a great battle which is fought, and yes...there will be a falling away. But past the circle of this earth, I stand waiting, and I will reign and come back. So, will you be ready for the King? And will you welcome Him and give Him glory?

Stephen Hanson


Oct. 31, 1998

"What do Winter winds bring? When Winter snows bring cold and ice, know that it is time to dig deep. Winter winds will blow, and will bring many things into your consideration. This is the way that I plan it, for during the months of Fall and Winter, you are to look inward, more and more. It is a time of self-reflection.

During the Summer months, perhaps you had other opportunities. I spoke about many things concerning this world--the ugliness of sin, the swift judgment of my hand upon this nation, and my glory being manifested on my servants. Have you remembered everything which I have spoken? Do you remember my cry of those who walk the streets? Do you remember my instruction about gifts and callings, and how you don't need to be so concerned about, "What is this called, or that?" Much has been said about the coming judgment, and some of you are like carrion waiting for these things to happen. You would say, "Let us see the devastation and the blood spilled." I tell you that you will be counted with them if you do not change your hearts.

So, just as the tree sheds its leaves, I'm asking you to do this. I'm asking you to shed your prejudices and look inside. Remember that I've said, "To everything there is a time and a season." This is the time to remember all that I've said. This is the time to ponder ALL of it. This is the time to listen to Me more closely. This is the time for your trees to sink their roots down deep into my soil. Remember that all of nature prepares for this time. You need to gather all the words I've said, and store them safely away. The winds will blow, and they will bring many things into your rememberance. Think and prepare about all of these things, and then you will be strengthened and ready for what lies ahead."

Stephen Hanson


Oct. 27 evening, 1998

"I have a walkway for my servants to walk upon. It would be as a walkway across a great chasm, with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. It would be as a path which is lit. It would travel over all types of terrain, over hill and valley. In pastures with overhanging trees; boughs of great oak trees, around crystal waters. Along paths which few have walked. But if you will notice closely, there are footprints there. See...someone has walked this way before, along lonely dusty roads, when the only thing you can hear, is the wind blowing, or perhaps, the grass moving in the breeze. I know the pain of lonliness; I know the pain of sorrow. I have traveled many of the roads that you are upon. I have called my servants to walk these paths. But when you are walking, know that I am beside you, I am within you. I have asked you to go down those roads to lift-up the broken-hearted, to have compassion on those you meet. See...this road travels on into the distance. It will open-up into other roads. For there are many upon this road. Some have been on it for a long time, and some have just begun. Some have grown tired and weary. Some have even forsaken this way, for they would think that the road is too narrow, or too difficult. There are those who have traveled this road before you. They traveled upon it, and found their way--their faith was their guide.

My servants, my prophets, continue on down this road. I will be there as the ever-burning presence. I will show the way. When the next step seems like it goes off into nothing, then step out into faith. This is my road; follow it where only I have trod. I will be there as a burning presence. Stay on it, for it will take you where you should go. And then the sky will be filled with my eagles, and each in turn, will alert his brethren, and the candle will be lit, and the way will be shown."

Stephen Hanson