Oct 25, 1998

"Are my people building Me a house? Would you take timber and stones, and beautiful things to build Me my church? Since the beginning of my body, many have tried to build Me a dwelling, a place where I may be worshiped. And many have made beautiful cathedrals and churches. Stained-glass windows where the very light of heaven would seem to come through. Beautiful wood carved in intricate patterns. Prayer books and hymnals adorning every pew. The most beautiful music the human ear could imagine. Why have you done this? Why do you seek to beautify these things? Do you think that I need surroundings like this?

In the past, when David longed to build a house for Me, I told him through my servant Nathan, that I dwell not among a house, but that I go from tent to tent. Eventually, my house was built by Solomon, and it was dedicated, and it was prayed over.

This is the type of building in which I want to have built: A dwelling in which my Spirit dwells within your hearts. Where beautiful chambers and alcoves are made there. Where the light of heaven is seen there in the windows of your heart. Where men and women can pull-up beside you, and where there is ALWAYS a place for love and fellowship.

I do not want to do away with your buildings. But I want your buildings to be built within you. I want your foundations to be built upon Me as the Chief Cornerstone. I want you to be "living stones," built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets. You see...the structure of my building is not done with human hands. But my Spirit is moving and breathing upon these stones. Know that when you come together, that my house is not just of timber and stone. It is each and everyone of you, worshiping Me in Spirit and in Truth. Let this be your house, and let it be a thing of beauty. Let your heart be my altar, and come there, and kneel before Me. And then all of these houses will be knit together as one. If you would build a house, this is the one I would have you to do."

Stephen Hanson


Oct. 24, 1998

"This is the time of the calling forth of my body into their full callings. For what has been happening in the last few years, is that a select number of mine have been exalted. They lead the ranks, and they have stood a head taller than the others. Behold...this was not my plan. Remember when King Saul took his place among the ranks? He was elected from the people because he stood taller than the rest. But his kingdom was given over to a young shepherd boy. For he was found to be true in heart, and humble in appearance. And yet he did not steal the throne from Saul. He did great things for Me. See...I am stretching out my arm to bring others into the ranks.

This is the time for those to come out of the fields. This is the time for those who are true in heart to stand up. A mighty army is being raised-up in this hour. And because they have humbled themselves, their place will be a place of honor. The Sauls will come down, and the Davids will come up. The platforms which held these elevations, will be cast down. For there has been pride and arrogance in much of this. No longer will I tolerate those who speak presumably in my name.

A new era is coming upon my church. This will be an era of repositoning my body. Look for this, for surely this will happen. Have I not said that my body is made up of many parts? Behold, it has been out of preportion. This move of mine will prove to be effective. And this move will make ALL my joints and bones come together. There has been a valley of dry bones. But I the Lord say, "Rise up out of the dust." Come together as one, with all your implements of warfare. Let the wind of my Spirit blow on these, that they might rise-up and take their rightful places. It is time for you to step down Saul, for you were not elected by Me. Then those who are true in heart, will take their rightful place.

Stephen Hanson


Oct. 16, 1998 Friday evening

"My ways are not difficult for those who know Me. For my ways are as plain as a pathway in a forest. As a traveler would go about his way on a journey, he must be aware of his footing, particularly when that journey is taking him into new terrain. And much of my church is venturing into new terrain. As a submarine would go into uncharted waters, so my church is going into uncharted waters--beautiful surroundings, and unusual settings. If you were an explorer and were discovering new territory, so it is with some of my body. I am preparing my body for new things. I am giving a clearer vision of what my plan will be for her. I will sharpen her senses. I will sharpen her discernment. Not only will she discern what is right or wrong, but she will discern the very devices of the enemy.

Oh, if only you will listen to my watchmen, for my word will show you the way. A time is coming when things will be very, very dark. For men have loved darkness more than my light, but some of you will hold up my light as lanterns. You will be my representatives of light in this world. You will hold up your lantern, and it will give light for those who are in darkness. In ancient times, my word was given to my prophets. They spoke, and they warned you , and they fortold about my first coming. Only now, I am raising-up others who are speaking about my second coming. There are many voices crying out in this world. Some speak of equality, some speak about injustice and crime, but those who really know Me, draw men unto Me.

Oh my body, be ready for my soon return. Do not fall prey to the many devices that the enemy is working upon you. I will show you, and I will make it clear to you what he is doing. The light has shown and the darkness has never understood it, and greater is that light than any darkness that there could ever be. So again I say, be ready for uncharted waters. The waves will get high, and the gale will blow. But I hold the ship with my hand, and I will bring it safely to shore. These are times of peril and uncharted waters. Wait upon Me, and trust in Me, for I will surely bring you into the next few years. By the time 1999 is over, the first stage will have begun. Surely you will see the signs around you, and you will know that it will not be long. It is not as some suppose, but it will take many unaware. Be ready, and be not unaware, for I am coming soon.

Stephen Hanson


Oct. 10, 1998

"I am the God of Heaven and Earth, and I remove Kings and Kingdoms. Remember how my servant Daniel read the inscription on the wall at Nebuchadnezzar's palace? The palace was filled with many guests. They were eating and drinking. The finest wine and silver was being served. Dancers were going around and entertaining many. They were boasting about their kingdoms, and their victories in battle. And then, in their astonishment, they looked to the wall, and the hand of God started writing...It poured out a message of doom and destruction. Many were there looking at it, not knowing what it meant. And then they came to my servant Daniel, and he interpreted for them, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, "You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting." And later, their kingdom was given over to another.

You, oh land of America, have been found wanting. I am sending out my servants to the ends of your borders. They are sent with my marching orders, for it is a wake-up call. Every high and lifted-up thought, which is not of Me, will not stand. A day of reckoning is coming for those who presume to worship Me in spirit and in truth. The deceiver has been unleashed, and has caused great havoc. He has blinded many of you, and has blinded you from seeing Me in my truth and wisdom. But the four winds will blow suddenly, and my mighty messengers will pour forth my judgement upon this nation. Men's hearts will fail them for what is to come. Earthquakes will topple many of your fancy buildings. The sky will turn dark, and it will stay that way for three days. Nothing has ever been like this before, nor will it ever be like this again.

But a glorious day will come after the destruction. After the cleansing of the earth, then I will come to set-up my kingdom. But for now, prepare the people for what is to come. Put not your trust in Kings and kingdoms. Put not your trust in the dollar, for it will not save you. Seek me while I may be found. Call upon Me, and I will answer. I can yet do many things for you, for if you call upon Me, then it will be done for you. I am a God of judgement, and yes, I am a God mercy too. I have warned, and warned, and now you need to listen!

Stephen Hanson


Oct. 3, 1998 "In ancient times I gave forth my spirit upon a select number of my people. My spirit was given, and was upon them. For with my judges and priests, and prophets, my word was given to establish my law within their hearts. And it was written down for all generations to hear and read. All of these looked forward to that city whose walls are the city of God. Their faith in Me was their gift, and they did not see the fulfillment of that gift.

And now in these last days, my spirit is being poured out unto many. It is given to any who would receive of it. There have been chronicles written down about the many stories you've read about in my word. You've read about the faith of Abraham, and how he became the father of many generations. You've read about the king whose name was David, and how he was chosen out of the pasture as a young boy. You know how he was confronted by Nathan and told of his sin with Bethseba. He was a man after my own heart, and yet he sinned much. You have heard of the wisdom of Solomon, and have read many of his proverbs. Have you read the prophecies of my prophets who have recorded them down for all history to read them? Perhaps you've heard or read about their struggles, and how they faced kings and queens, and spoke my word to them. You have read about my Son, and how he came to die on a cross, and how his life was given as a ransom for many. You have the acts of my apostles written down for all history to read. You have the many epistles of Paul recorded for you. And there is John, and Peter, and James, and my other apostles and teachers. You have harlots and prostitutes, and tax collectors, who have given their testimony, and it has been written down.

What will your testimony be? Will it show a life which has a faith in Me? Will it be about courage or fear? You see...everyone of you is writing down a legacy upon human hearts. Let it be something which can be preserved for all time. Let the chapters of your book be found in Me. And then others can come and open-up all the volumes written about Me. They will see in you this vast book which has spanned the lives of Noah, Abraham, David, Paul, and John. And then, all recorded history wil see these lives, and will give glory unto Me."

Stephen Hanson


Sept. 27, 1998
Do you see this man? He is taking in the wheat.

(The Lord showed me a man with a sickle. He was thrashing the wheat from side to side, and where he was standing, it had already been thrashed, and it was flattened. He then showed me several workers in the field, and with a sickle in each hand, they were taking up the wheat. From a side view, one could see several rows of them, bent over, working in the fields. Then, I was shown a single stalk of wheat, and it zoomed in on one of the heads; then a single kernal. Lastly, I saw an ox, and I was looking at his face.)

I am calling out my army for an end time harvest. Behold...the fields are ripe, and they are ready. It is time to bring in the harvest. My word has gone out into the ends of the earth. My evangelists have spread my "good news." The workers are few, and the harvest is plentiful. Gather the sheaves into the storehouse so that there would be a great harvest. The whole world is a field, and I am the harvester. I will bring in all that I can into my kingdom. The kernals on each head are fully ripe. the fields. What was once a caterpillar has now become the butterfly. For the time is at hand to do those things which must be done. It has been the time of my prophets, and now it is the time for my evangelists. I am piping out a melody for them to go. The fields have been plowed and have been ready for this season. For have I not said that my gospel must be preached unto the ends of the earth? It is an open door for those who would go out. Let the whole world know who is Lord, and who is King. There may be very few harvest times left. For behold...I come quickly...I am soon to return. Let it be a great harvest filled with people from all places. Let them come from the north, and the south, and the east, and the west. This must be done for the events to follow, and this is why I am waiting. For the olive tree is fully ripe, and the door has swung open. Bring in the harvest...bring it in, that it would be a great one. Then trumpet my call to those who are ready. And then you will be ready to meet your King.

"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." Luke 10:2

"Then another angel came out of the temple, and called in a loud voice to him who was sitting on the cloud, 'Take your sickle and reap because the time to reap has come, for the harvest is ripe." Rev. 14:15

Stephen Hanson


Sept. 19, 1998 "You hear of many rumors of the times in which you are living now: there are the rumors of the White House, and the on-going situation there, there are rumors of the continued unrest, not only in the Middle East, but in other areas, there are the rumors of the "plagues" of other diseases, there are the rumors of the violence which besets our communities, and there are rumors of wars and a continuance of these things. But there is no rumor about the return of my Son. It will be clearly seen when He comes back. Rumors spread many things. You know how a fire can start a blaze, and soon every tree is set a fire in the forest. So it is with rumors. For the words you speak, one to another, set a blaze these rumors. I have said in my word how the tongue is a mighty member, and how many things have been tamed. Many of tried, and failed. You is good for there to be warning. For my people need to be prepared for what is coming. But many of the things spoken in my churches, are rumors. They are spoken out of hearts of fear. Yes...perilous times are coming. Yes...various catastrophies will be seen on the face of this earth, and many will fall away from Me. But set your hearts and minds upon Me. Look on way down the road. For past the unrest, past the political upheavals, past all the violence in the streets, I stand waiting with out-stretched arms. When the sun goes down, and it seems that it is forever night, remember that a new day is dawning for my people. Remember when you look at a beautiful sunset, and the sky is filled with a rich array of colors, that I am there in the midst of that beauty. For it is echoed in those clouds, and one day you will see Me bursting forth through those clouds. But in the meantime, do not be unsettled by anything you might hear. Stay focused on Me and my word, and do not let the rumors around you, get you off track. Remember these things, then you will be ready."Likewise the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark." James 3:5

"Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him, we ask you brothers, not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy, report or letter supposed to have come from us, saying that the day of the Lord has already come." II Thes. 2:1-2

"You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed." Matt. 24:6

Stephen Hanson


Sept. 14, 1998 "Many of my people are caught-up in the affairs of the world. I would show you a glass and it is filled with both oil and water. The bottom half of it is oil, and the top half would be of water.

(The Lord showed me a glass which had a heavy type of oil in the bottom of it, and it had various things floating around in it. Then the scene changed, and He was showing me a beautiful pitcher which was made of glass crystal, and it was pouring water into a glass.)

You would take the things of this world, and you would mix them with my Spirit. Do you see a nation which has done this? Do you see them striving after worldly goods? Look at the bottom of this glass and what do you see? You see all kinds of material and debris floating around. For the sins are plaguing this land--the sins of adultery, and the sins of deceit. The man whom you've elected is falling. But is it just he who is falling? Look in your mirrors in the morning, and what do you see? For the sins of this nation are etched upon all of your faces. This land which was called the home of the free and the brave, has now become a den of robbers and thieves. For you have twisted the faith, and perverted my ways. From the least of you, to the greatest, from a little child, to an old man, you can see the error of this man's ways. But I would tell you, that there is a higher court than the court in this land. For justice rolls from my throne, and the pillars of my temple stand erect, and they are solid. But your courts are made from stone. And even now...even would think that the law should be rewritten. Truly I must say, that you must ponder your fate. When you decide the fate of this man, let it be a sign unto you, that you are making a decision for your land. If my people, who are called by my name, would humble themselves and pray, then truly, I would heal your land. But you must know, that you have all been found guilty. This sin is upon all of you. I LOVE THIS LAND AND THIS PEOPLE, AND I HAVE LONGED TO SEE IT COME UNTO ME. I can fill your glass with the clearest water possible, but it will not mix with the things of this world."

Stephen Hanson