"The earth is full of a remnant that will be saved. For I want those ones who would be left. For in the days of Noah, I had ones who came out of it. The ones that I have are the ones that are being made ready. They are not to be left as Sodom and Gommorah, for I destroyed it and it became empty and desolate.

For I have a people that I am bringing out; they will not taste death. For there are survivors who will make it through the great tribulation. They have not given into the one who has raised himself up and sat himself upon that throne. But they have stood their ground and endured through it all.

For if I had not left a host of ones, a remnant, then there would be no one left. These are the ones who will make it through, but I have saved the rest. For my time is speedily coming for my return, and I will come for my church first. For it is a body which I am making ready unto myself; ones who will be ready, for that day is near.

Set yourselves to doing the things I've called you to do. Let nothing stand in the way. Raise the standard high, and lift up your hearts, for that day is quickly approaching. You will begin hearing of things that might trouble you all, but know that your hearts are not to be caught-up in that. For it is truly said, that my elect will not see everything that is to come. For wars and rumors of wars have been and have come; many deceivers have already come into this time. But you are to dress yourselves in fine gold and costly gems, for you are all rare jewels to me.

I have you in the palms of my hands, and I am gathering you all unto myself. There will be nothing to prevent that day of mine to come, for it has been written down since time began. Thus would say the spirit of the Lord."

Stephen Hanson



"This is a time for all the people of God to be standing up. To bring their sacrifices of praise into their house of prayer. This is when standing up for what is right will not be an easy thing; but, I have asked you all to do things that are not always easy.

To be a man or a woman of God is something that will become more and more important, as the days draw nigh to my soon approaching time. So be there, my people, as strong warriors. March into battle and proclaim the name that is above every name. I am the God that alone can give you strength; I alone can draw you out of the waters.

Remember when the siege was laid against Jerusalem; when men and women were laid bare? This is a time when the approaching armies of despair and complacency have encroached upon the people of God. But let your army be one of readiness as you stand waiting for that day. Thus would say the spirit of the Lord."


"In the approaching years, I am moving upon the people of this nation. Can an administration that has gone against the word of God rermain? The people who stand for righteousness will rise-up even more. They will march upon the cities of this land. Nation will rise-up against nation, and the good will rise-up against the evil.

My people must be salt in this world. Raise that standard in Zion, for now is the time to march. You might say, "What can I do?" Every man, woman, and child, has a reason for the hope that lies within them.

Every administration is elected by the people; kings and princes are brought-up and set-down. These policies are not done in my name; I have a new policy, and it will remain."


"I am bringing this nation to its knees; the times are quickly approaching for my soon return. New policies will be made from the hand of a new leader. This present administration will not last, for it is not my will that this nation would go astray.

A great battle is being fought in the heavenlies, for I have been waging war. Behind every nation there is a stronghold, for there are dominions and powers that have set-up their own kingdoms. But the prayers of the saints are beginning to break through. For surely this is a strong defense against the enemy. So arm yourselves with the weapons of my warfare, for they can pull down these ancient srongholds."

Stephen Hanson


"I want to restore my people as they were in the days of old. No longer going to and fro, doing this and doing that. For my people need a restoration inside. For their walls have been broken-down; they have been left without a city to protect them.

For I will make their borders like saphire and rubies; like costly gems. For it is true, that this is the city of New Jerusalem; this is the city that is coming. But you all have a city that is within you, where the walls of my spirit house this place.

What have you there that I cannot rebuild? Let me rebuild your walls; let me put new walls up, so that you may be ready; so that you may have a sure defense against the enemy. And so, I am the repairer of the broken-hearted.

Nehemiah had the walls rebuilt, and they lasted for some time, but the walls that I build last for eternity. Let the mortar be strong, let there be no holes in it. So know and understand that there are walls within you, and there are walls that I am building, not to keep you out, but they are for boundaries. You all need to have these for protection and for comfort from the things of the world.

The walls of this building house many things in me, and each of you can come here and find a wall to rise-up against. So let me be the repairer and maker of these walls. Run along them, and see that they are wide; enough room for many to walk abreast. This is my story unto you this day."


"For out of the earth they come, ancient ones from long ago. This is the valley of vision; for out of the earth I formed them, I gave unto them flesh and bone.

They are coming forth, and they are mine. For they have been brought out of the valley of dry bones, and now, they stand waiting. For I have formed bone, and sinew, muscle, and tendon. And they are my army, and I am calling them out into the open, so that they might have all the weapons of warfare: spear, and shield, and hel- met.

For they are mine, and they are clothed in my armament. When Ezekiel spoke unto the bones, he didn't know the extent to who he was all talking to. But over the years and milleniums, I have been raising-up a vast army; and they will be gathered from all corners of the earth. For each and every heart of mine that comes before me, is one part of that vast army."

Stephen Hanson


"Long ago, before the earth was made, I wanted to create a world where man could find rest. There was nothing; darkness was upon the face of the deep.

Then I thought to myself; shouldn't there be a world where the birds of the air and every living thing can live in harmony? And so, I formed man out of the dust of the earth, and I gave unto him a helper, one suitable to come alongside him.

But in time, he wanted to know everything, and so, they were banished from my garden. And so now, after all of these years, yearning for him to find a place of rest, he has destroyed the very thing that has helped him find that rest; that place, the secret abode of a man's heart.

Do you not know that it was hollowed-out by my hands? I encircled around it and made it a beautiful thing. But now, with many of my children, it has become a place like a dungeon; it imprisions rather than setting free. And so, what is to be done? My creation has become fallen.

There is no place on earth that is beautiful to come and make a sanctuary. Man's heart is what I long to build. I have all the beautiful things that I want to plant there, but it can only be done through my word and the ministry of my Holy Spirit.

See what has happened to my world? There is nothing left to give but your son; and that is what I have done. He has resurrected from the dead, and he longs to come and fill those places and beautify those hearts. That is how my world can be the world I long for it to be.

So let the whole world come to me, and so once again, I will give them a garden, one that has more beauty than the first one, for I know all the weeds that can come. I am the master gardener, and I have all the tools that I need. So let me prune and build that place. For this is my creation, and it is the only one that will last. Thus would say the spirit of the Creator."


"This is a time in the lives of my people when things can get out of hand. Don't let all the "busyness" of life replace your times with me. For idols come in many forms and ways. They are not fashioned with just stone or wood, but they take on the appearance of what you spend your time with.

Come into my sanctuary, and spend time at my altar. Let the candlestick's flame ignite your reverence of me; let the smoke fill the air with its odor. This is my place that you've come into; this is the tent of meeting. As Moses went up that mountain to behold my presence; he covered his face because of the brightness. Don't cover-up your faces when you spend time with me.

For even as a candle is not to be hid away, but it gives its light to the room, so you must not cover-up your faces when you spend time with me. For even as a candle is not to be hid away, but it gives its light to the room, so you must not cover-up that flame that burns inside of you. It is the inner light; it is a sanctuary there; so, make room in that place.

Let all the surroundings be filled with that light. Pull-up your chair there, and listen to me, for this is the place I abide in. I am that strong light that fills those surroundings.

For the light came into the world and men understood it not. The darkness has never been able to quench it. I want all my children to be those lights unto your surroundings.

See, it is a building I am making in all of you. Let it never be said of you that smoke will be seen instead of that flame. Let it burn brightly for all to warm themselves by it. The warmth of my spirit is the warmth that far exceeds any light. This is my light that I've brought into the world."

Stephen A. Hanson


"Learn to balance the word of the Spirit with the written word. For when you can do this you are on your way to maturity, for both are needed.

The revealed word that is spoken, is said out of an understanding of my written word. As a tent has stakes in it which represents my written word; it anchors the tent and holds it in place.

But what would the tent be holding up? It takes on the shape and contour that I would embody unto it. So, in the same way, the voice of the spirit is represented in this way. Let the tent rise to its full potential in me.

Let its pitch and its sides fall where I want it to. And know that you are all tents of mine, would say the Lord. You are all being perfectly joined together in me.

For the ministry of teaching my word, and the spoken word, are both needed. And so, this tent is the tent that must be strong. Its stakes must go down into the very ground on the foundation of my written word.

But let the breeze blow, and let it blow through the fabric of this tent. Let it seep in through every crevice and stitching of the fabric of my Holy Spirit. For it is woven by my hands; I am the master craftsman; I hold the tent by my son, Jesus Christ. He holds the very fabric together, and by his stripes, nothing will cause this tent to fall.

Thus would say the spirit of the Lord, the one who has made every tent for its purpose."

Stephen Hanson