Psychics charge a fee for their "readings". By asking for an "offering" for a personal prophecy are you any better than psychics? This is a question sometimes brought up by other Christians who do not understand the prophetic movement. Many say that the gospel is free and spiritual gifts should be given freely. Has not the Lord said that the gospel was not free and that it cost the life of Jesus? Jesus paid an ultimate price for our sin and debt. Strange as it seems, people do not put value into things they receive freely. Our salvation is not free, it will cost you everything you are. We exchange this life on earth for life in Heaven. If there is no truth in this ministry and if the Lord's hand is not in this ministry then why would anyone request a personal prophecy from it?

If you go to the local Christian bookstore to purchase a bible. You will probably pay up to $60.00 dollars for a leather back Bible. This is selling God's holy Word that is freely given to all. If you ask them to please just give you one of those bibles. They would say, "absolutely not." I simply ask only out of the love that you have from the Father to bless this ministry. Can you really put a price or a minimum on hearing God's prophetic word that WILL change your life forever! Is He not worth giving whatever we have to just hear Him speak to us?
I once had someone ask me, Why would you ask for money to give a prophetic word?"

Very simple, ALL through the Old Testament, if you went to a prophet, you always carried a gift or an offering. Not because you were trying to "buy" a word or that the prophet was trying to "sell" the word. It was simply out of respect. To honor the "gift" (prophet) that God had given. Remember, it is all about God, not the person. But God did say, " for the worker deserves his wages." Luke 10:07.
The Bible also says, "Give and it shall be given back to you."