Stephen A. Hanson


Week Four: Is Prophecy Conditional?

Personal Prophecy-Unconditional & Conditional

Unconditional--will take place no matter what happens. Rev. 11:15
Gen. 9:15, 16--No devil, angel, or human, can prevent an unconditional prophecy.
-An irrevocable decree. Examples: Nebuchadnezzar's dream--Dan. 2
-Abraham's prophecy-Gen. 17:6, 8
Unconditional Prophecies can be postponed, but not cancelled.

Jonah sent to Ninevah. 100 yrs. Later it happened during Nathum 1-3. Isa. 38:11, 22
Eze. 12:25--It will happen, or come to pass irregardless. Example of Isaiah and Hezekiah.


Acts 9:1, 6; Acts 9:10, 16--restore eyes.
I Tim. 1:18, 4:15--Requires cooperation from the recipient. Meditate on these things.

"All prophecy is conditional, whether conditions are stated or not."

Using Prophecy for important decisions:

Go to the seer--I. Sam. 9:9; I. Kings 22:6
Using Prophecy for important decisions:


Be very careful--need a confirmation. Should be confirmation only.

Business Endeavors

Left to Mature prophets only.

Pregnancies, births, babies--Normally given to prepare couples.

The prophetic rhema word activates and opens the barren womb.
Prophets prepare the way for Christ's coming.

Mal. 4:5; Matt. 11:14; Matt. 12(17):11, 12; Matt. 3:1-4; I. Co. 4:15
**God works on our desires, and changes those desires in time, to line-up with the prophetic word given.
**Prophets are God's spokesman--Heb. 1:1-2; Eph. 4:8-11; I Tim. 4:1; Amos 3:7


Receiving a Group Word


During this week you will be given the opportunity to enter into body ministry where you can share what the Lord is giving to you for an individual or the group that is gathered here. You will not be sharing a prophetic word but simply a short word of knowledge for someone or a group of people. As you relax, let the Holy Spirit speak to you. He may reveal to you that someone has a “sore elbow” or a “severe headache.” He may also say “bad attitude” or “unforgiveness.” Do not let fear creep in, but have faith that the Lord is speaking to you, and then simply speak the word that the Lord gives to you for the group.


Remember that God speaks in different ways:


Again, here is an explanation of these different modes:

  1. If you are a SEER type of person He is showing you pictures of some sort.


  1. If you are a HEARER He may be speaking to your heart. If this is the case,

then LISTEN to what is being said to you. Rarely will it be in an audible

type of voice.

  1. If you are a KNOWER/ FEELER then you will just “know” or “feel” what

is to be shared. You will recognize this pattern; it is a built-in sense of what is.


Remember again that this is not the time to give judgmental or critical words. So, simply go one at a time and speak what the Lord has given to you for the group.