Stephen A. Hanson


Week Three—“The Gift of Prophecy and the Office of the Prophetof


Prophet of the Prophet—(parameters)




*direction-(never live your life solely by the word of a prophet. You need to have a revelation of that prophetic word inside you. Example of directon: Acts 21:7-16, Acts 9;10 -Ananius, Acts 10:9-22, I Kings 12:22-24

*correction-ex. John 14--Pray about the word you may have. Your attitude or people's (church's) attitude may change. This type of word is intended for reconciliation or restoration of that person. II Sam. 12

*illumination- to make things "clear" (Amos 3:7)

*impartation-Me`tadi`domi- to share or to give. Rom. 1:11


Below are some "signs" which will probably

Sign No 1 - A Ministry to the Church
Sign No 2 - A Unique Approach.
Sign No 3 - Swinging the Pendulum
Sign No 4 - Humiliation
Sign No 5 - Singleness of Purpose
Sign No 6 - Unconscious Revelation
Sign No 7 - Allegorical Thinking

Types of Prophecy:

Gift of Prophecy




I Co.14:3--(These are the boundaries for the "gift of prophecy")

Characteristics of Mature Prophets

1. Not a novice

2. Accurate prophetic word

3. Accountable to other 5-fold ministries

4. Good knowledge of the word of God

5. Is teachable

6. Open to correction

7. Not a Lone Ranger

8. Treats people with kindness

9. Directs attention to Jesus, not to himself

Characteristics of Immature Prophets

1. Makes a lot of prophetic mistakes

2. Only accountable to God (he says) not to man.

3. Has a low-word level

4. Generally unteachable

5. Does not respond well to correction

6. Could be out on the field, on his own without a covering

7. He is harsh with people

8. Many of his prophecies are judgmental

(With counseling and a lot of teaching, he can change his ways.)

Characteristics of False Prophets-

I Thess.5:21

1. Those who speak in the name of "other Gods"

2. Those who speak falsely in Jehovah's name

3. The word is false

4. The word does not line-up with the word of God

5. Does not receive Godly instruction

6. Totally unteachable

7. Draws attention totally to himself and not to God



One-On-One Time With Partner

During this week I want you to look deep within your spirit as you seek the Lord for this person. When you have a thought that you sense is for your partner, then I want you to share it with them. Please remember, this is not a time for personal prophecy.

During this week’s activation time I want you share exactly what you sense the Lord is saying to you for the other person. Do not add anything else to it.

Guidelines to Making it safe:

On the giving side:

Realize that most prophetic words are given to edify, exhort and comfort for the edifying of the Body of Christ (I Cor. 14:3,12).

One of the biggest misconceptions is that when giving a word it needs to be judgmental or critical. This is not true at all, and is only reserved for very mature prophets who would speak concerning an individual who is blatantly living in sin, and then it is giving in the spirit of love for that individual.

Remember that you are to share this with your partner in a loving and gentle way.

On the receiving side:

You need to know that your partner is going out of their comfort zone to share with you the word or thoughts they have for you from the Lord. They may be right one or they may “miss it” at some point. Please be understanding in giving them feedback.

Judging the word:

·         Does it stand up to scriptural principles and truths?

·         Does it bear witness to your spirit (though not necessarily your mind or emotions)?

·         Does it produce the fruit of righteousness, peace and joy within your heart (vs. anxiety, confusion or fear)?

Do not make any major decisions based upon this word. Seek out counsel, prayer, and imput from others whom you trust. Seek the Lord and He will lead you.

Do not become offended if your partner "misses it" on something offered to you.

Finally, offer honest feedback, but do so gently. If your partner's revelation for you blesses or encourages you, let them know. If they "miss it", be as kind and gentle but truthful in your feedback as you hope your partner will be with you if you miss it.