Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. Col. 3:16

How many of us look at the clock and it says, '3:33,' and you think that surely God is trying to get our attention about something? How many of us look at our receipt from the store and it says, “$7.77” or even worse, '$6.6.6' and we know that something is surely up. Then a mindset comes, and everything seems different. All of a sudden, there are images of Jesus’ face in our coffee cups, in the grain of splintered wood, and everywhere we look.

We all are well aware of the weeping statues of Jesus and Mary, and how many have flocked to see these things, and yet, perhaps some are indeed true. God does indeed, speak to us and intervenes even in the simplest of things, and yet, how easy it can be to think that every number we see; every ticket we purchase, and every receipt that we receive, has God’s divine hand print on it?

Are we beginning to become superstitious with every waking moment, and with everything we see? Is there an angel on every street corner, and a devil under the sink? Let us return to the foundation of our faith, and to find an anchor there that firmly looks to the Chief Cornerstone. Let the word of God dwell in our hearts with all wisdom and insight. Let us draw strength from the wells of salvation, and to drink from the living waters of His Spirit.

When we do this then, our imagination won’t be so prone to drift off into other realms that may or may not be true. Perhaps then we won’t be so skittish when black cats that run in front of us. Maybe then, when the raven caws we won’t be saying, 'Nevermore.'

Sometimes as we know, the enemy comes as an angel of light masquerading in any form that might mislead us. Don’t fall for those schemes and devices of his that may appear at first to be true. See through the mist and smoke, and look beyond it, and then everything will appear bright again. The darkness has never understood the light; all it can do is to try and copy or warp the light. Nothing is original with him, it is all smoke and mirrors.


Stephen Hanson