For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. Matt. 24: 27

There are many different forces in nature, and sometimes spiritual forces can be likened to them.

The power of lighting is very similar to the power of the Holy Spirit. When I consider how it often comes as a surprise to us or is unannounced, the power and presence of the Holy Ghost is often like this. There are beautiful and enchanting displays in the skies as it forms intricate and unusual patterns. And yet as we know, lighting can be very deadly and destructive as the waves of energy strike a tree, a home, or some other form. And yet the Holy Spirit is not a deadly thing, but in its mystery it strikes our soul and spirit in ways that are wonderful and yet awesome beyond comparison.

Jesus described one being born again to Nicodemus as one would seek out the origin and the coming of the wind. The disciples as they were together in the upper room, sensed the coming of the Holy Spirit as a mighty, rushing wind. It came as a force expectantly.

And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. Acts. 2:2 KJV

When I consider the boundless ocean as one would gaze out and look into the distance, I am reminded of the infinite wisdom and love of God. There’s a sense of eternity that can be found when looking outwards as sitting upon a beach gazing at the waves of the ocean. You hear the sounds and yet if you’re sensitive, one senses the presence of God beyond what is in front of them. It’s not just because of the majesty and beauty that is there in front of you, somehow the Holy Spirit can be tapped and one becomes filled with it. The fullness of the waves as they come towards you, are like the waves of the Holy Spirit as it permeates and comes upon one.

I am reminded of the Holy Spirit when I walk in the mountains or a forest. As I walk up a mountain path, strewn with leaves and twigs, there’s a stillness even though one can hear the rustle of a squirrel or a bird. Again, one is taken into the presence of God and the Holy Spirit will speak to us if we have ears to hear and are sensitive to His voice. Perhaps words of wisdom or revelation will be imparted concerning your future, or those around you. An assurance and an enlightenment will come that will infuse you with His purpose and deep love.

There are many things to be found in nature and yet none of them can compare to the presence and beauty of the Holy Spirit. Words fail us to begin to describe how it comes, and how each of us experience this in our own selves. And yet perhaps one doesn’t need to describe it, but to experience it knowing that it is God’s way of reaching out and speaking to us.

Find the beauty and wonder in the forces of nature around you, but know that there is a force that goes beyond anything else that we can find in this world around us. It is a force more powerful than lightning, or an earthquake, or a hurricane. And yet it can be as tender as a mother’s touch if needed.

Stephen Hanson