As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming; Ephesians 4:14

There are so many distractions and conspiracy theories that one can read about these days. Every day there is yet another one that grabs our attention. If one were to believe and swallow every one of these theories, then their lives would be marked by a constant state of fear and dread, and bewilderment.

There are many horrible things that are constantly going on in our world. There are murders that take place in our schools and in our streets like never before. There is disillusionment everywhere for many. But in spite of this, there are many promises and things that can fill us with hope because of the one we look to. However, I am constantly being made aware of certain conspiracies that some seem to think are happening or are being planned for our demise. We are shown aerial photos of abandoned military bases that some say, are being planned for Christians. Abandoned railroad cars it is said, will at some point be used to lock up and hold groups of people in these cars. It is said that the government is behind this secret plot to eliminate our freedoms and to hold us captive.

And yet I know that the time will come when our nation will come under attack and many will lose their freedoms and lives through the events that are to come. But in the meantime I choose to not be dissuaded by these distractions. I choose to listen to the voice of the Father as He speaks rather than to the many voices that are around me.

The mark of the beast is already being developed and will be in operation soon through the new health care program, some would say. And yet if you were to show factual evidence that this is not part of the plan, then you are thought of as a heretic or non-believer, or at best, very naive.

Surely the ebola crisis is dissipating because the powers that be had us on a string for a while so that other news is more important now. Surely, the school shootings were engineered under the guise of a dark and secret government, and not by the hands of disturbed and depraved individuals. To this I say, not so.

One could be led to believe that the very air that we breathe will poison us soon. Perhaps we shouldn't eat or drink anything anymore. I'm certain that the government plans to kill us off. It's not to say that there aren't harmful additives that are present in our processed foods, there are. But that doesn't mean that some have planned our demise through the digestion of these foods. If we are to think this way then we might as well stay in our homes and not venture out to do anything, otherwise we might die.

We seem to be people of sensationalism. Our boat is rocked by every approaching wave that comes our way. And our attention is always being diverted by these many theories that we hear about. And yet we so easily forget how our Lord reached out to Peter as he attempted to walk in the stormy sea. I am not so naive that I am unaware of the corruption and greed that surrounds us daily. I am also quite aware of what is coming to our land in the form of catastrophic divisions in the earth, and the very land masses and geographical look changing due to these forces. But lets's keep our eyes upon Jesus and be wise and discerning when we hear of another report. Let us look beyond the sensational propaganda that some would want us to buy into.

There are so many winds of doctrine that come at us from every side these days. Let us keep our eyes looking straight ahead and not be deferred by these winds. Otherwise, we are seeking the winds and not the one who is in control over them.

Stephen Hanson